The Birth of! has been an idea swimming around in my head since our son, Ace, was born in March 2007. Today he is almost 6 months old. It’s unbelievable how much he has changed and learned in the past few months!

I have never been around babies or kids and had no idea what to expect, or what to do! So, being the geek that I am, I started looking on the internet for information for Dads. As you probably know, I didn’t find much.

Many of the sites on the net are written for the Mothers. In history the mother of a child had been the primary care giver and the dad would go to work and bring home the bacon, but that is no longer a true statement.

There are many stay at home dads these days. Many more women are going to college, getting good paying jobs, and bringing home the bacon. I think this is awesome! Actually I am jealous of these Dads. I would love to be able to stay at home with my son every day!

My wife and I both work at the current time. I work Monday through Friday, and she works Tuesday through Saturday. This means I get to spend every Saturday alone with my son.

This was a bit scary at first. When my wife first went back to work after maternity leave I got my first experience at being unsupervised with Ace. Even though I had taken a few weeks off work myself to assist my wife (really she was teaching me what to do during this time period), it was a bit scary.

My wife was at work. I was home. Ace was at home with me. I was just going to play it cool and try to handle every situation, one at a time, as it came along. It was tempting to call my wife every time I had a question, but I forced myself to put the phone down and just do what I thought was right.

Ya know, it is amazing how much instinct is involved in being a Dad. Most of the stuff just came naturally. I just stayed calm, and did what came naturally.

That first day when my wife called me to check up on us I was so proud to say that everything was going great! I had been making bottles, changing diapers, and successfully getting him to take some naps!

I know it doesn’t sound like much to you experienced Dads out there, but this was a huge accomplishment for me!

I have learned so much over the past 6 months and I wanted to create a place for Dads to be able to come and read my stories, share their stories, and read about everything related to being a Dad.

I would love to hear your stories about your first time home alone with your child! Feel free to tell your story in the comment box below!

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  1. daniel says:

    I have never been around babies or kids and had no idea what to expect, or what to do!