Hot Cars – A Death Trap!

I hope that none of you dads out there reading this would ever do something as stupid and mindless as this!

“No charges will be filed against a middle school administrator whose toddler daughter died when she was left in her mother’s SUV for about eight hours on a day when temperatures reached about 100 degrees…”

Seriously! A little common sense here! Damn!

Kids Left In Car + Hot Day = Dumb Ass Decision!

To everyone out there…please, please, please use your head!

You can read the full story from NBC4i here.


  1. 8 hours….


  2. Jared says:

    Xbox: I agree. 8 Hours totally blows my mind. I freak out when I have to leave Ace sitting in the car for 30 seconds while I run back in the house to get the dog. I just don’t understand some people…

  3. Not hardcore enough =)