A Different World?

Are any of you Dads out there country music fans? If so you have probably heard the song by Bucky Covington called “A Different World”.

This song talks about how things are different now compared to when we were kids. Play the video below…


I always hear my mother-in-law say, “I don’t know how my kids survived!” Things were different when we were growing up. Have things changed for the better or for the worse?I remember medicine bottles not having childproof lids. I never had a helmet for when I rode my bike. And I also remember riding in the back window of my grandpa’s car. Are we to protective today?How about getting the paddle? Discipline is a big issue. Should children be spanked? Some believe in timeout. Is spanking your child considered abuse, or is it portraying violence?Do you remember having an antenna on top of the house? Do you remember the times before remote controls? Was life really that bad back then?

There were no video games, computers, iPods, GameBoys, etc etc. How did we have fun? We wet outside and played with our friends. I remember my Mom fighting with us to come inside. Now I see parents fighting with their kids to get them to go outside and put down the Playstation controller.

Deep Thoughts

This song by Bucky Covington really makes me think. Are we to protective with our children? Are our children lazy? Are we all just spoiled by today’s toys, gadgets, and amenities?

My son is 6 months old. How do I keep him from growing up and being lazy, spoiled, and sheltered because his his mother or I are too protective?

I think that he will learn from example. If we are lazy, spoiled, and over protect him then he will be that way.

I think if parents would take their kids outside to play, and play with them, instead of letting the Playstation being a babysitter while the parents sit on the couch and channel surf, it would make a big difference.

What do you think? Leave a comment below…

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