Want Some Pictures?

Ace wearing his hat. I just realized I have not posted any pictures of myself or my son, Ace.  I just added a page to the site called Ace’s Pictures.  I’ll keep adding pictures as I get them.

The picture to the left was done at Olan Mills.  Ace was about 4 months old.  This picture session was awesome!  He smiled for every picture and didn’t start getting fussy until he was about 24 poses in.

Actually we just had family pictures done a few weekends ago, so once I get the CD I will post some of the better ones!  Ace wan’t very happy that day.  It was about 95 degrees outside and we had to walk about a half a mile through a park to the place where the pictures were going to be taken.

By the time we got to the location he was so freaking hot and was not having it!  Hopefully the photographer got some good shots!