Prenatal Olympics – Babies Moving During Pregnancy

I found this really cool video on YouTube. This is especially for all of you expectant fathers that visit the site.


Ace never moved this visibly while he was in his mommy’s belly, but when he did move it had some force! His mom used to say she could feel his toes digging between her ribs. I could definitely feel it with my hand and see him move slightly.

I remember many nights where my wife and I switched sleeping positions…she was the big spoon and I was the little one 😉 That little booger would wake me up in the middle of the night by kicking me in the lower back. I would turn around to see what the hell my wife was doing hitting me in the back and she would be sound asleep. I’d lay back down and Ace would be drumming away with his hands and feet. I don’t know how his momma slept through all of that movement…

She said it was her version of doing what I do to her…waking her up unknowingly in the morning by poking her with things. 🙂


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