Happy Birthday Mrs. DadThing!

Today is my wife’s birthday!  She is ?? years old. (I’m no dummy.  I man could get killed for publishing his wife’s age online!)

It really sucks that I couldn’t spend time with her on her birthday.  I travel some for work.  I go to different factories and fix their machinery.  Sometimes I have to spend the night in a hotel somewhere.  It is usually last minute and impossible to plan for.  It always seems that it is on a night when something important is happening!  We were supposed to be going out to dinner tonight with some of our friends.

That’s what I love about my wife.  She understands.  She understands that my job is demanding at times and doesn’t get upset about it.  She knows that I would much rather be at home changing dirty diapers!

Well, dear…I hope you had a happy birthday.  Sorry I couldn’t be there to share it with you!  I’ll make it up to you…I promise!  Tell Ace that Daddy will be home to see the both of you as soon as possible!


  1. Happy Birthday Mrs DadThing.

  2. Jared says:

    Mrs. DadThing thanks you…and wants to know where her card is? Just kidding. 😉 BTW: I check out your blog every day to see if you have any updates. Keep up the good work!

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