Butt Cream Is Good For The Nose?

As I wrote in the previous post, Ace got his first cold. Along with a cold comes a runny nose. Since babies don’t understand to blow their nose the snot just kinda runs out of their nose and eventually dries on the outside of their nostrils.

This snot is like cement. It is impossible to get off unless you get it wet. I tried all day to keep his nose clean, but it must hurt because he will squirm something fierce to keep me from touching his nose. We just get his nose extra wet at bath time and gently wipe off the dried snot.

Once his nose was clean it looked very red and irritated. It just looked painful. Not knowing what to put on his nose to treat the raw skin we started looking through the medicine cabinet. If my nose was sore like that I would put something like Neosporin on it, but I heard that you are not supposed to use Neosporin on babies.

The only thing we had to treat skin irritations was Desitin diaper rash cream. We put it on ever so thin after he fell asleep for the night. In the morning his nose was totally healed! It was amazing.

Do you have any other suggestions for treating irritated skin on babies?

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  1. Celtrixa says:

    I have done this too! It works so great and really helps to protect from the soreness associated with the runny noses.