Hillbilly Lullaby

My wife tells me all the time that I am a hillbilly/redneck. I don’t think that I am…well, ok there are some things that I do that are pretty “redneck-ish”. Compared to her and her family/friends I am a big time redneck, but compared to the people where I come from I am not. I have a college education and I don’t hang deer in our front tree to bleed out…

I do a lot of things that embarrass my wife because I don’t do them the “normal” way, she says.

Redneck Offense #1: I have an old Chevy Blazer that I bought for a dollar. That’s right $1USD. It is a beauty! 🙂 It runs, but is not yet road worthy. It is a project that I have been working on and it sits in the driveway…

Redneck Offense #2: I recycle aluminum cans. I have asked Ace’s grandparents to save their cans too. Every time we go to visit Ace’s grandparents we come home with a couple trash bags full of empty cans, so I have a lot of cans that need crushed. And they tend to pile up until I get time to crush them.

Redneck Offense #3: Taking each can, one-by-one, and crushing it with my foot would occupy nearly all of my spare time. So in order to do things quickly I take a shortcut… I pour all of the cans all over the driveway then drive the Blazer (Nicknamed “The Crusher”) back and forth over them until they are all crushed.

Maybe it is the man in me that enjoys crushing things with the tires of a truck. Maybe it is the redneck. Either way I feel like I am driving BigFoot…and I enjoy it. 😉

Is the redneck syndrome contagious? I think it may be.

When my son was very young (I’m talking 1-2 months old) I had a hard time getting him to sleep. His mom and grandma would sing to him to get him to calm down and take a nap.

Once when I was home alone with Ace he was in the need of someone who would sing to him. Now, I am not a singer! I am as tone deaf as person with no ears, but I needed to give it a shot.

What song would I sing? I didn’t know all the words to “Rock-A-Bye-Baby” or any of the normal lullabies. I was drawing a blank… So I sang the first thing that came to mind…

“Well the first thing ya know, old Jed’s a millionaire,
The kin folk said, “Jed move away from there!”
They said, “California is the place ya oughtta be!”
So they loaded up their truck and moved to Beverly…
Hills that is…swimming pools… movie stars…”

Much to my amazement Ace fell into a soft slumber!

So was it the sound of my voice that calmed him, or did the song selection calm his inner underdeveloped redneck gene?

SuperBaby or SuperDad?

SupermanAce has been getting more and more mobile in the past couple weeks. A little over a month ago I was so excited to see him get up on all fours. Now he is exploring the house and pulling himself up into a standing position while holding on to some object…usually his Excersaucer or the dog, Buddy.

He has a tendency to fall and bump his head, so I let him stand on the couch. He stands at the back of the couch holding onto the back cushion. I sit on the floor to keep him from falling off the couch if he happens to fall straight backwards. Usually he just sits down or falls sideways.

Here lately he has been doing really well. He will stand there for 10 minutes with no problems. When he wants down he will fall to his knees and then to his belly.

I realized today that I have not got a picture of him standing like this yet. But I did not realize that he had one more super stunt in store for me that I had not seen!

As I backed up to get a good angle for the picture he (in slow motion) leaps backwards…slowly falls until his bottom hits the couch cushion…bounces up in the air…his feet fly high over is head as he exits the couch’s airspace and starts falling to the floor. I (in slow motion still) drop the camera…dive across the floor with my arms extended…I see him falling…I see my hands getting closer…he has almost hit the floor now…and amazingly my hands slide underneath him and stop his fall…Whew!

I seriously caught him about a half an inch from the floor! One hand caught his face and the other his midsection.

As I gathered my breath (and my sanity) I was awaiting his scream from the fear of falling so violently or from hitting my hands with so much force.

To my amazement, as I rolled him over, he had this shit eating grin on his face! If he could talk he would have said, “That was fun Dad…Let’s do it again!!!”

I don’t know what was more “Super”…my diving catch or his daredevil stunt!

Is This What I Have To Look Forward To?

Check out this hilarious video of a Dad singing a song about bedtime for his kids. Is this really what I have to look forward to?


Butt Cream Is Good For The Nose?

As I wrote in the previous post, Ace got his first cold. Along with a cold comes a runny nose. Since babies don’t understand to blow their nose the snot just kinda runs out of their nose and eventually dries on the outside of their nostrils.

This snot is like cement. It is impossible to get off unless you get it wet. I tried all day to keep his nose clean, but it must hurt because he will squirm something fierce to keep me from touching his nose. We just get his nose extra wet at bath time and gently wipe off the dried snot.

Once his nose was clean it looked very red and irritated. It just looked painful. Not knowing what to put on his nose to treat the raw skin we started looking through the medicine cabinet. If my nose was sore like that I would put something like Neosporin on it, but I heard that you are not supposed to use Neosporin on babies.

The only thing we had to treat skin irritations was Desitin diaper rash cream. We put it on ever so thin after he fell asleep for the night. In the morning his nose was totally healed! It was amazing.

Do you have any other suggestions for treating irritated skin on babies?

Ace’s First Cold

Well, I knew it was coming sooner or later. Somehow he managed to dodge the flu and cold that everyone in my family had earlier this spring and summer.

However, he did just start daycare. His teachers at daycare said that he will most likely come down with every bug going around within the first two weeks. It looks like they were right.

He’s been sleeping through the night, every night, for the past 4 months. Usually my wife has to wake him up in the morning on the way to daycare. So, when he woke is up twice in one night we knew something was not right.

He’s all congested and this makes it very hard for him to drink his bottle. He’ll suck on the bottle for a few seconds and then rapidly push it away so that he can gasp for air. I feel bad for him. You can tell he is hungry, but he just can not eat and breathe at the same time. So with a little patience and about 30 minutes of suck suck gasp…he manages to put down a bottle.

He hasn’t been eating or sleeping to good the past two days because of his congestion. I finally got him to sleep good today. He took a 3 hour nap this morning before I had to wake him up to run to the BMV to renew my expired tags. When we got home from the BMV he fell asleep fairly quickly and slept for another 3 hours.

After waking up from his last 3 hour nap, he seems to be feeling a little better. It’s amazing what a little medicine and sleep can do for the body!

With all of this sleeping during the day, I sure do hope he does not want to stay up all night!