Footprints In The Sand?

Nope. These baby footprints will never be washed away by the tide.

Momma has had this temptation ever since Ace was born. She wanted to get Ace’s baby footprints from his birth record tattooed on the top of her feet. The hospital never gave us Ace’s birth record before we left the hospital. So, basically we had no proof that he belonged to us! 😀

After jumping through some hoops, filling out some paperwork, and driving over to the hospital we finally got a copy of his birth record that had his baby footprints from when he was born.

For her birthday present, Momma had wanted one of those remote starter kits put on her Explorer so that she could warm the truck up in the winter without having to go outside and start it. I looked all over for a good deal and just couldn’t find something within our price range.

Momma called me one day at work and told me that I was getting her a baby footprint tattoo instead of a remote starter for her birthday. She was actually at the tattoo shop and had already paid for them before she called me. I knew I didn’t have any choice in the matter, so I agreed. At least I wouldn’t have to hunt for an affordable remote starter for her truck. 😀

Well, it has been a few weeks since she had Ace’s baby footprint tattoos done and they are finally healed up pretty good. Here is a picture of them…

WARNING: Momma is allowing me to post these pictures online as long as I can assure her that no one will copy her idea. So please don’t get your kids footprints tattooed on the top of your feet or Momma will hunt you down and cut your feet off with the jawbone that she rips from my head when she finds out someone copied her idea… 😉

Momma’s Tattoo

Momma loves them. I have never seen anyone with their baby’s footprints tattooed on the top of their feet. The guy that did the tattoo said that he had been tattooing for almost 15 years and had never tattooed a baby’s footprint on anyone.

Anyways, I think they are awesome and a good way for her to display her love and devotion to our son.

I am tattoo free. I have never come up with a reason good enough to mark my body permanently. I could get a skull or an arm band, but that doesn’t mean anything to me. I’ve been thinking about taking the plunge and getting a tattoo, a permanent mark on my body, that represents how I feel for my son.

Since his name is Ace, I have been thinking about getting something to do with an Ace from a deck of cards. My brother in law found this energy drink called “Ace Energy” and it has a pinup girl sitting in front of an Ace of Spades.

Ace Energy Drink Girl

I think this is pretty darn cool. Maybe, just maybe, if I can work up the nerve, I will get this tattoo done. That is a BIG maybe…


  1. jen says:

    I dont have any tats either
    but Momma are cool

  2. dorky dad says:

    Momma’s tattoos are pretty cool! I have no tats, either. And I have no plans to get one. But if I did, it would look like that ace.

  3. its definitely a unique idea there, rare to find with tattoos these days.

    what happens though if ye have another kid?, and another, and another… 😉

    I like interesting tattoos, you’re aboslutely correct about not just getting one for the sake of it, if you find something you really like then go for it.

    I have a small one on my upper arm which causes no end of surprise when people notice it, apparently I’m not a tattoo kinda guy.

  4. Jared says:

    @Jen: Momma thanks you!

    @Dorky Dad: Yup, I think the pinup girl is pretty sweet. Glad you agree!

    @XBox: I asked Momma the same question. She will probably get some kind of tattoo for each kid. So, if we have too many kids she could end up looking like one of the girls on the TV show, “LA Ink”. 🙂 As long as she doesn’t start getting piercings I’m cool with it.

  5. Joe says:

    That must of hurt like a b–ch sandwhich…all up on top dem feets. Yowser! I was thinking about getting a tattoo but decided to get another playstation game, I think I will always go the route of games over tattoos but that ace looks sweet.

  6. Momo Fali says:

    Gotta agree with Joe. That HAD to hurt!

  7. Jared says:

    @Joe and Momo Fail: Momma has 1…2…3 tattoos now. She said this one hurt the worst. But hey, after childbirth it was probably nothing to her… 😉

  8. CableGirl says:

    Very cool. My baby’s left foot is on my left shoulder blade. Her daddy has her right foot on his right shoulder blade. We decided that for our second kid (yeah, we’re amazingly still planning on having a second) we’d either do the opposite foot or get hand prints. 🙂

    I love the fact that she has his feet on hers though.

  9. Jared says:

    Hand prints would be cool too! I think Momma is planning on getting hand prints for the next baby as well!

  10. Shauna says:

    That is just too cool. (And no, I won’t steal it.)

  11. Karen says:

    I really like your tattoo but I am affraid you are not the only one. I looked up baby foot prints and found thousands just like it. I have my granddaughters on my ankle.

  12. Cris says:

    Sorry to tell Momma, but I have had my son’s footprint on my foot for a couple of years now. He was stillborn and I got it in memory of him and so that he could always walk through life with me, but her’s look great !!

  13. Kateland says:

    Pfffft. That’s bull. I was already planing on getting my 8 month old daughter’s newborn footprints tatted on my feet, but facing in the same direction as my feet. I’ve been planing this since before she was born, and before I came across this. So, rest assured, dude, I’m not stealing ‘her idea’. Same thing with my future child, but with the hands. 😀

  14. felicia says:

    i have this tattoo. didnt get it from her.

  15. engine builder says:

    I definently like the tatoo! MY wife has her daughters name, then both her kids footprints below it, then her sons name under that. But its on the back of her neck, working its way down. I deffinently like the ace of spades idea, very creative. I was thinking about getting the ace of spades on the back of my leg, with a dagger going through it. I know it doesnt sound to original, but i drew it myself, and its got a lot of things designed for me. I currently have one tatoo, again, drew it myself, it is a heart, with vines entangling it, flames on the sides of the top, with a cross in the middle. That was devoted to my mom, she passed away when i was 9.

  16. april says:

    so im not taking ur idea bacause i have been saying to my bf and whole family sence my daugher was born that i would think that it would be cool. and i had never seen it on any one and one night i look on here and found that some one had already done it. so i will still get my tat and no one will ever stop me. sorry i just had to say that. i love the idea and untell now i had no idea any one else had the same idea

    • Jared says:

      @April: Don’t worry about it… it is all good. We have met many people with similar tattoos. What’s important is that you care enough to get your kids tattooed on you! 😀

  17. bernice says:

    this was really good work!

  18. willow says:

    wow great tattoos!yeah!!!

  19. redleg says:

    yes! good stuff

  20. vanessa says:

    hey i had them 1st ok and u cant tell people what they can’t get on there feet if they want to get them they should

  21. Fred says:

    I am getting my children and grandchildrens foot prints down the left side of my back starting at the shoulder and going down. Blue for the Boys and Pink for the Girls. I’ve always wanted to do this but I had to wait for my latest granddaughter Gracie to be born first. So now it will be Blue,Pink,Blue,Pink,Blue,Pink.

  22. Angela says:

    I have had my sons right foot, and my daughters right foot tattoo’d on top on my right foot for over 5 years now… Your wife aint the only one..