Sick Happy Boy!

About three weeks ago I wrote about Ace’s First Cold. It lasted about a week, we thought. It has come and gone every four or five days since then.

I called the doctor the other day to see if we should bring him to get checked out, and the doctor said it was most likely just a cold and would go away on it’s own. She recommended not using the cold medicine because of the medicines being pulled from store shelves. She recommended using the snot sucker (aspirator) and Little Noses nasal saline spray only.

We did this for about a week and his cold wouldn’t go away. It never got any worse, but also never got any better. So Momma took Ace to the doctor yesterday.

After checking him over thoroughly the doctor asked Momma if he has been crying a lot. He has not been crying. He has always been a very happy boy and rarely cries! The doctor said he has a very bad double ear infection!

After scraping a bunch of wax out of his ears, the doctor said that most kids would be very uncomfortable and cry a lot with an ear infection…especially if both ears are infected!

All of this makes me wonder how I could have known sooner that he had more than just a cold. Was he giving me any clues? Was there something I should have seen, but overlooked?

We did all of the common things to try and make him better such as keeping him warm and covered up, putting the vaporizer in his room, giving him a bath in the Vapor Bath stuff, and regularly taking his temperature to make sure that he didn’t get a fever.

The doctor prescribed some antibiotic for the ear infection. Hopefully the antibiotic will kick this cold in the butt!

I keep trying to figure out how Ace did not cry. Did it not hurt? Or is he just that tough? No Dad wants to raise a little sissy boy. I keep telling myself that Ace is just tough and took the discomfort in stride. Since he doesn’t talk yet…I guess we will never know. 😀


  1. jen says:

    Im praying Ace gets better real soon now.

    Ace sounds like he is a wonderful little boy. Who must have a high bad threshold. Im sure he would have been upset even if he cant talk yet if it had really worried him.

    It sounds like you are blaming yourself Jared. Dont!!!
    You did the right thing by looking after him and taking him back for a another appointment.

  2. Jared says:

    Thanks Jen! Ace is already feeling a little better!

    Being new to this whole Dad thing, I always look at everything as a learning experience. I try not to blame myself, but always try to learn from my experiences, both good and bad.

  3. jen says:

    Jared parenting is a learning experience right the way through
    with new ages come new challenges and experiences to go through

    Pleased to hear you dont blame yourself
    when i was at uni getting my early childhood bachelor of education I learnt a good teacher (and I think parent too) reflects on what has happened and learns from it

    keep up the good parenting my friend 🙂

  4. Joe says:

    Dude, don’t beat yourself up about litte mans ear infections, you still got the kid to the doctor and that is what matters. I mean, parents 20-30-40 years ago never second guessed stuff like that. They never even thought about parenting half as intensely as we do…you are fine and always will be. Rock on brudha.