Little Drummer Boy

drummer.pngAce has found yet one more way to make noise. I guess talking and screaming is not enough noise to satisfy his quota of decibels per day.

Recently he has been enjoying playing Pat-A-Cake. However, he will not clap his hands. He would much rather beat his hands on his high chair, the table, pretty much whatever is in front of him.

While at Grandma’s house the other night, she gave him an empty tin (like the ones that come full of cookies) and two heavy plastic spoons. Ace just pounded away as his happiness reverberated throughout the house…and my head. 😀

I used to play guitar every day, but rarely play any more. Maybe someday Ace and I will have some jam sessions in the garage. That would be just too cool!


  1. Tot's Mom says:

    All kids go through that phase. My toddler is now past 2 but he still likes creating a din. So, be prepared for a lot more noises to come!

  2. Hey! Just stopping by my cre8buzz friends’ blogs to see what’s up. Glad to see another dad blogging out there. 🙂

  3. Momo Fali says:

    That would be too cool! We bought my five year old some drums for his last birthday. He loves them. Us, not so much…

  4. BusyDad says:

    HA! That is precisely why I introduced my son to drum lessons last month. Too bad he didn’t take to them so well. Air drumming and air guitaring is still his preferred method. We can air jam like you’ve never seen though.

  5. Bernard says:

    I love this because I am evil gift giver. I always give the gifts parents seem to roll their eyes about. Playdoh, Drums,Trumpets, annoying loud toys that nobody would buy for themselves. Now that I am a parent, all these people are returning the favour.

    By the way, you have been tagged for a meme, Please tell the world seven things about yourself that nobody would have known by your blog posts and then tag others. Sorry 🙂

  6. Jared says:

    @Tot’s Mom: Oh No! I don;t know if my ears can take it! 🙂

    @Stephen: Thanks for stopping by!

    @Momo: I bet he loves them! I know I would love a drum set at age 5!

    @BusyDad: Ha Ha! Every time I think of air guitar I think of Waynes World! Party Time! Excellent!

    @Bernard: I’m the same way. Pay back is coming…I’m for sure. I get to the MeMe in the near future…

  7. Chuck says:

    We’ve always had a kitchen cabinet filled with old Tupperware and wooden spoons for the kids. It is one of the best things to keep them busy in the kitchen.

    It sounds like you’re really enjoying this stage.

  8. Jared says:

    Good tip! Maybe this will keep Ace out of the dog food bowl! 😀

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