Can Babies See Ghosts or Angels?

ghost.pngThe apartment we lived in before we moved to our current home was haunted. No doubt about it. It was a duplex and our friends lived on the other side. There were many times that I would be in the apartment and would get a weird feeling like I was being watched, and a few seconds later the temperature would drop and the back of my neck would tingle. This happened many many times.

One night the friends that lived on the other side of the duplex were over in our apartment and we were talking about the weird feelings that we got in the house. We started making fun of the ghost…talking about how it is probably a perverted ghost and how it was probably watching us in the shower and watching us have sex, etc.

My neighbor started making a sexual gesture with her tongue…as if she was licking the ghost…and all of the sudden all four of us opened our eyes wide. I asked everyone else if they felt something strange and they did. Again the temperature dropped and we all got cold chills. It felt like something cold went right through my body.

Anyways we all got scared and stopped talking about the ghost in our building and my friends went back to their side of the duplex for the night.

A few weeks later my neighbor was in her bathroom. She got the weird feeling again and when she tried to exit the bathroom the door would not open. She turned the handle and started pulling, but the door would not open. Next the shampoo bottles flew off of the shelf in the shower and landed in the tub. She got scared, yelled “Stop It!”, and the door opened.

I have always been a believer that there are entities that we can not see that are in our presence at all times. They live with and around us. Some are good and some are bad.

The good spirits look after us or just live with us peacefully. They are happy spirits and they have good intentions. The bad spirits are angry for some reason. They put off an evil aura and sometimes torment the living.

There are many people that believe that young children can see ghosts, angels, and spirits. The theory is that before a child is born, their spirit exists somewhere on the Other Side along with all of the ghosts and angels. When they are born they have the ability to see and interact with these spirits because they are still very close to the Other Side. As they get older they grow away from the Other Side and live fully in the Earth Realm.

People say that when you see a baby sitting on the floor staring at the ceiling, pointing, and laughing that they are interacting with a spirit. I’ve seen Ace do this many times. I thought it was a bit strange, but always pushed it off as him having an imagination.

In our living room we have a shelf with a bunch of pictures of all of our family members. Here lately when we are holding Ace he will stare at one specific picture out of all 20 pictures. He will smile, point, and sometimes laugh. This has happened on many occasions, and he always is drawn to this one specific picture.

This one specific picture is of my wife’s uncle. He died many years ago from cancer. He died when my wife was young. I never had a chance to meet him.

Why would Ace pick the one picture of the person that is not alive anymore? Is my wife’s uncle his guardian angel?

If the theory is true and babies can see ghosts and angels, has Ace seen my wife’s uncle? Is he watching over Ace and protecting him? I sure hope so…


  1. jen says:

    I hope so too
    I do believe that young children can see ghosts, angels, and spirits.
    Ive seen a ghost here a couple of times a little boy and he seemed happy as he ran into my sons bedroom
    no it wasnt My Little Man
    it doesnt worry me as he seemed friendly enough

  2. Honeybell says:

    Oooh, I like this post. I also believe this could be . . . My dad who died before Goofy was born had the nickname “Junie”. My nieces & nephews called him PaPa. However when my son was around 2 years old, he began talking about “Grandpa Junie”. Evidently they’d talk and play. He hasn’t talked about Grandpa Junie for a long time, but I definitely like to think Dad is watching over him!

  3. Hey Jared!

    I totally believe that babies can see their spirit guides or other spirits. I’ve noticed all of mine do it, at one time or another. Great post!

  4. Tot's Mom says:

    The Chinese believe that some people are born with an ability to see ghosts and spirits. My maternal grandma was one of them and it seems my brother too can see certain things we can’t. While he was living in his previous apartment, he says there was a fiery old man there while in his present apartment, he can see a harmless old lady. And according to the landlord, the apartment is indeed owned by his sister who has passed away quite some time back.

  5. Momo Fali says:

    Dang it man! Are you trying to freak me out?! I HATE scary stuff (and ghosts do scare me…as that’s their primary job and all). My daughter has been telling me scary stories all evening (she, like her father, enjoys a good fright), then I get on the computer for some Dadthing fun and read this!

  6. Jared says:

    @Jen: Holy cow! I have never actually seen a ghost…now that would be scary!

    @Honeybell: That’s amazing! The only way he would know his name is if he did talk to him…too weird.

    @SecretAgentMama: Thanks! I’m definitely starting to belive this as well!

    @Tot’s Mom: I know other’s that have lived in my old apartment before me and they said they actually saw the ghost. It was a woman and she was always standing at the top of the stairs. Freaky!

    @Momo: It’s starting to freak me out too! I never thought that so many people have experienced things like this!

  7. Momma says:

    Well Jared, I knew you wrote this article but didn’t think you were going to post it. Everytime I read it, it makes me cry. I know it’s silly, Uncle Miles died almost 20 years ago, but I still miss him. I wish he could have met Ace, they surely would have been lifelong friends. Miles just loved babies so much (all the picture of me and him, I’m sitting in his lap in his rocking chair) oh the things he could have learned from him! I hope so much that he is watching over Ace, and will help to guide him to be a great man just like he was. Miles only lived for 24 years, but he sure left an impression, at least on me!
    Great article though, love you and miss you, see you on Friday!

  8. CREEPY! This sounds like the basis for a good movie.

    I think as we get older we loose the ability to see spirits. Little one’s aren’t so skeptical and can probably see a lot more that we can.

  9. tanya25m says:

    Eerie! Not something I want to read at 12:42 am!!

  10. tanya25m says:

    Read it anyway! I don’t know what I would have done if I were in your old apartment.

  11. Mike says:

    When I was a kid we had family friends who had a small child. They had a large back yard and when they were in the yard during the twilight their baby would start playing with something “invisible” and would run around laughing and playing as she uttered the words “Ting-ting Ting-ting”. Since she was young, and was just learning to speak, no one could get more information out of her. One day, however, her mother was reading her a bedtime story and flipped a page and on the next page was a picture of a fairy, with little wings and everything. The little girl pointed to it and exitedly shrieked “Ting-ting”. We all guessed it was an otherworldly spirit after that.

    As the child got older she eventually stopped uttering those words, and the magic disappeard. The fact that she only played like this when the sun went down was the really freaky part.

  12. carl boulton says:

    i just been readin some peoples post on here , and thay seam to make verry much sence to me now .bings im havin the same kind of think happenin with my 3 month old boy, last night my girlfriends friend went down stairs about half 2am and seen some kind of spirit lookin over my sons pram,fortunatly my son wasnt in it at the time , but when she returned up stairs about a hour later she came across the same guy sittin on a cheer at the bottom of my sons cot next to our bed with his head down,n my boy brayden was not sleepin to well,he also seams to stear at 1 sertain picture in my house and giggle to his self , is this really happenin ? and what can be done about it ?cos its freakin my self and my girlfriend out, some 1 said to me us that it could b the sprit of a guardian lookin over him? what is a guardian?and will it do him any halm? some 1 message me please and c if you can help..! carl of nottingham

  13. sm1015 says:

    I see and hear of a lot of people talking about “spooks and spectres” and albeit something that has been made to look like fantasy in Hollywood is all too real. However, ghosts should really be classified in many different categories.
    1) Spirits who mean no harm (ghosts). Most don’t even know that they have passed, and are carrying on as if they are still alive.
    2) Spirits who are mischievious (poltergeists). These range from playfully rough (tossing things across the room) to downright nasty (actually hurting people).
    3) Evil Spirits (demons, minor or major) These are the bad of the bad. They don’t have any other reason to be around except to scare, intimidate, possess, and do what they can to scare or hurt us. Usually these are present, but very rarely do you see a possession.

    Last but not least:
    4) Angelic forces. Known as the good of the good. They come in many shapes and sizes. They can actually hold a little conversation with a child (or so they say). Protectors of the weak and innocent.

    It’s not too difficult to know which one of these that people experience. Anytime that people feel some kind of temperature variation, or having the hairs stand up on the back of your neck is probably one of the first three, as you very rarely know that the 4th is there.

    Sometimes they are just there to look, or watch. Sometimes they don’t even know or acknowledge that we are there. Other times, they are downright nasty, violent, and evil. People classify all supernatural things as evil. And that’s not the case. You have to find the underlying cause of why they are there. It doesn’t take people like Ghost “specialists” or demonologists, or so called psychics to tell you this.

    Just remember, most of the things that you child will be talking to are the good guys. For since they are considered the pure and innocent, the other forces are pushed back and the child is protected.

  14. Deb says:

    I believe my little grandaughter Emma, 3 1/2 months old, saw a ghost and I heard it. It was night – We were babysitting. Her 3 year old brother sleeps with me when we babysit and my husband sleeps down the hall. Emma started fussing for her bottle so I got up and went to the bathroom. All of sudden I hear Shhhhh and then shhhh again. Emma stopped fussing and started squealing and cooing in delight. I heard shhh 2 more times. I thought my husband had come in and so when I came back in the room, I was floored to see no one there and Emma lying there with a big grin on her face. My grandson and husband were fast asleep.

  15. Super site! I am loving it! Will surely come back again – taking your feeds also, Thanks.

  16. Jessica says:

    I believe this 100%. I have a 5 month old who is fine with strangers but everytime I visit my dad her demeanor changes. my dad is an alcoholic who is divorced and lives alone. he has always struggled with his problem all my life. since she was born everytime I go to his house to visit she will cry like something startled her. I think she sense the evil spirits that lurke him. may sound crazy but until you’ve witnessed it your point of view will change.

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