Remember, a while back when I wrote about the Gang Rivalry in my house between the kid and the dog?

Well, we have got the violence to stop, but now we have another dilemma…  The dog likes Ace a little too much!

See, Buddy, the dog, is a small dog who weighs about 25-30 lbs.  Ace weighs about 19 lbs.  They are very close to the same physical size.

Ace has become more mobile and has been crawling for some time now.  He spends a lot of time on all fours…just like the dog.

I noticed one day that Buddy was getting along with Ace really well.  He kept licking the back of Ace’s neck, licking his ears.  Ace didn’t seem to care, but was confused about what was happening and soaked with dog slobber.  It was kinda cute and a nice change of pace from the growling.  I thought it was harmless.

A few minutes later the unimaginable happened…humanality!

What is humanality you ask?  Ever heard the term bestiality?  That is where a human is sexually interested in an animal.  Humanality is my word for where an animal is attracted to a human.

You pictured it right…Buddy full on mounted Ace.  A swift hand (mine) separated the two. Buddy has been known to have many girlfriends of the stuffed animal variety, but never a human being.

Looks like Buddy will be getting a new stuffed animal girlfriend for Christmas.  Hopefully that distracts him from his attraction to Ace…at least until Ace can walk and defend himself.  😀

Aptus Insurance Quotes

My Stuff Is Not Your Stuff

Why do people think that what is mine, is theirs?

I went out to my truck at 5:30 this morning to get in my truck to drive to the airport and found the inside of my truck to be trashed.  The center console was tipped up and everything was thrown into the back seat.  The glove box was open and everything was on the passenger side floor.

Luckily I had nothing of value in my truck.  They got away with my change and a bag full of hotel brand ink pens.  Woo hoo!

It was partly my fault because I forgot to lock my doors, but this still pisses me off to no end.  I live in a decent neighborhood in the burbs and still I have to worry about people taking my stuff!  This is the second time in a little over a month that someone has broken in to one of my vehicles!

I remember growing up in the country.  We never locked our doors to our house or cars.  We left the keys in the ignition at all times.  Nothing ever got bothered.  Maybe I should move back out to the country…

…or maybe I should invent a lethal alarm system for our vehicles.  If I could figure out a way to rig a tazer to fire when the door opens I would do at this point.  How about rigging the door handle to provide a nice jolt of electric?

I’m going to figure out something.  Time to put that $40,000 electronic engineering degree to good use. 🙂

So, thief beware!  My truck might be the last one you attempt to break into! 🙂

Update: When Momma came home last night she found my bag of hotel brand ink pens lying in the neighbors front yard.  Looks like I just lost about $1.50 in change.

Working Dad

As most of you know, I am a working Dad.  Sometimes I work more than I would like, but it is necessary to support my family.  Here lately working has consumed most of my life.  I think I worked over 70 hours last week, rode on 6 different airplanes, stayed in two different hotels, and stepped foot in Ohio, Colorado, Georgia, and Alabama.

Right now I am sitting in the airport waiting to go on my way back down to Alabama.  I usually do not work weekends, but I volunteered to work the next two weekends. (Who can pass up double and triple time?!)  I do get Christmas day off though, which is good.

So if you don’t see many posts from me over the next few weeks you can bet that I am either rolling in the money that I am making or passed out from exhaustion.

Instead of boring all of you with my ramblings about work, I’ll point you to some of the cool sites and posts that I have discovered this week.

The Stay At Home Dad
The Working Dad over at the Hossman Family Blog recently quits his job to be a Stay At Home Dad, and shares his thoughts and considerations leading up to the decision.
This is a new magazine that states, “We are the only men’s magazine geared toward fathers; a magazine for guys who work hard, play hard, and father hard!“.  Check ’em out!
This Dad was featured on in the Dad Blog Spotlight.  After reading the excerpt from his post about getting a vasectomy…I knew this guy was getting a spot in my feed reader.  🙂
SupDad is a social community for parents. “a place for dads…and moms to talk about what’s important…the kids!”  I just started a profile, but after having a look around it looks like a pretty cool place!  If you happen to join add me as a friend!

POLL RESULTS: How Much Do You Spend On Each Of Your Children At Christmas?

Well, the poll has been up for a little more than one month and we have had 25 votes.  Here are the results:

POLL RESULTS: How Much Do You Spend On Each Of Your Children At Christmas?

Momma did all the shopping this year, like always, so I’m not sure how much we actually spent on Ace, but I would guess it was in the $101-$200 group.

So, it looks like we are right in there with the majority of parents!  I feel better now. 🙂

7 Random Things – By Ace

Hi everybody!  Ace here!  I know you are probably thinking, “Wait a minute!  You are only 9 months old!  How can you be typing this blog post?”  Well, ya see, I’m telling Daddy what to type and he is typing it (I’ve got him wrapped around my little finger! :D)

Now while I can not actually speak English, me and Daddy understand each other.  We have our own language made up of simple sounds such as “Da”, “Ba”, “Ma”, “Du”, “Eee”, “Eww”, and “Uh”.  It’s quite complex.  Each sound combined with specific facial expressions and body language means something different.  There are literally thousands of possibilities of words and phrases from these 7 sounds.  Amazing, huh?

Daddy hasn’t quite caught on to all of them…so if something doesn’t make sense…it’s his fault!  I mean, just yesterday I kept asking him to turn the heat up, and he changed my diaper, tried to get me to drink a bottle, and bounced me on his knee.  Sometimes he is just clueless…but I know he tries. 🙂

So anyways, DooDaddy tagged us with the 7 Random Things meme. 

Daddy has done itMommy has done it.  So now it is my turn!  Here goes…

  1. I always got to poop first thing in the morning.  But, I know that Mommy or Daddy always change my diaper first thing in the morning too.  So, to be funny, I hold it until I have a fresh clean diaper on.  Oh…I crack myself up!  Sometimes Mommy and Daddy will try to outsmart me and wait until after I eat to change my diaper so they only have to do it once.  However, I have super bowel control and can hold it as long as necessary just to destroy that fresh clean diaper!  Muhaha!
  2. I like the taste of dog food!  It is G-O-O-D Good!  For some reason Mommy and Daddy get all upset when I suck on this tasty treat.  I don’t understand!  Buddy eats it…why can’t I?
  3. I hate the fact that I always got to look out the back window of the car!  Why don’t they turn my car seat around so I can see where we are going?  I always have to look at where we have been.  Totally unfair!
  4. I don’t understand why every morning I have to drag out all of my toys again?  I left them lay all over the floor the night before so that they are easy to find the next morning.  But somehow every morning they are all back in my toy-box and I have to drag them all out again.  It’s an unsolved mystery!
  5. I sleep in my own room, but sometimes I can hear Mommy and Daddy doing something in their room.  It sounds like they are jumping on their bed.  They sound like they are having fun!  But I don’t understand why the always say, “I need a cigarette now…” when they are done.  Why does jumping on the bed make you want to have a cigarette?  I don’t understand…
  6. I’m tired of mushy food!  Do you really think turkey and carrots ran through a food processor is tasty?  Please!  Bring on the pizza!  How about a pork chop every once in a while?
  7. I think Daddy is jealous of me sometimes.  Why?  I get more play than him.  😀 Every lady I have met wants to hold me against their chest.   I’ve touched more boobies in the past nine months that he has in the past 10 years!  You know what really makes him jealous?  When I get tired and I rub my face on them.  Daddy calls it motor-boating for some reason.  I call it….”Who Da Man!” Bow down Dad!  Bow down!

Now I am supposed to tag 7 other people to do this meme, but I can’t read!  I’ve never read a blog in my life!  So we’ll just skip that part…yo, Dad…how about a bottle now?