7 Random Things – By Ace

Hi everybody!  Ace here!  I know you are probably thinking, “Wait a minute!  You are only 9 months old!  How can you be typing this blog post?”  Well, ya see, I’m telling Daddy what to type and he is typing it (I’ve got him wrapped around my little finger! :D)

Now while I can not actually speak English, me and Daddy understand each other.  We have our own language made up of simple sounds such as “Da”, “Ba”, “Ma”, “Du”, “Eee”, “Eww”, and “Uh”.  It’s quite complex.  Each sound combined with specific facial expressions and body language means something different.  There are literally thousands of possibilities of words and phrases from these 7 sounds.  Amazing, huh?

Daddy hasn’t quite caught on to all of them…so if something doesn’t make sense…it’s his fault!  I mean, just yesterday I kept asking him to turn the heat up, and he changed my diaper, tried to get me to drink a bottle, and bounced me on his knee.  Sometimes he is just clueless…but I know he tries. 🙂

So anyways, DooDaddy tagged us with the 7 Random Things meme. 

Daddy has done itMommy has done it.  So now it is my turn!  Here goes…

  1. I always got to poop first thing in the morning.  But, I know that Mommy or Daddy always change my diaper first thing in the morning too.  So, to be funny, I hold it until I have a fresh clean diaper on.  Oh…I crack myself up!  Sometimes Mommy and Daddy will try to outsmart me and wait until after I eat to change my diaper so they only have to do it once.  However, I have super bowel control and can hold it as long as necessary just to destroy that fresh clean diaper!  Muhaha!
  2. I like the taste of dog food!  It is G-O-O-D Good!  For some reason Mommy and Daddy get all upset when I suck on this tasty treat.  I don’t understand!  Buddy eats it…why can’t I?
  3. I hate the fact that I always got to look out the back window of the car!  Why don’t they turn my car seat around so I can see where we are going?  I always have to look at where we have been.  Totally unfair!
  4. I don’t understand why every morning I have to drag out all of my toys again?  I left them lay all over the floor the night before so that they are easy to find the next morning.  But somehow every morning they are all back in my toy-box and I have to drag them all out again.  It’s an unsolved mystery!
  5. I sleep in my own room, but sometimes I can hear Mommy and Daddy doing something in their room.  It sounds like they are jumping on their bed.  They sound like they are having fun!  But I don’t understand why the always say, “I need a cigarette now…” when they are done.  Why does jumping on the bed make you want to have a cigarette?  I don’t understand…
  6. I’m tired of mushy food!  Do you really think turkey and carrots ran through a food processor is tasty?  Please!  Bring on the pizza!  How about a pork chop every once in a while?
  7. I think Daddy is jealous of me sometimes.  Why?  I get more play than him.  😀 Every lady I have met wants to hold me against their chest.   I’ve touched more boobies in the past nine months that he has in the past 10 years!  You know what really makes him jealous?  When I get tired and I rub my face on them.  Daddy calls it motor-boating for some reason.  I call it….”Who Da Man!” Bow down Dad!  Bow down!

Now I am supposed to tag 7 other people to do this meme, but I can’t read!  I’ve never read a blog in my life!  So we’ll just skip that part…yo, Dad…how about a bottle now?


  1. Johnny says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed number 7.. To be a baby again… (as I fade off into a pleasant daydream……)

  2. brilliant!

    very clever, nice.

  3. PG says:

    Ace man! Hang in there – some of those things are gonna break your way real soon.

  4. Chuck says:

    Hey there little Ace! Very well done. I’m sure this exercise really tried your patience with the old man but we all appreciate it. 🙂

    And on number 7… try this
    Da – Ba – Du -Eee – Uh – Uh – Uh


  5. BusyDad says:

    Ace my man… that was brilliant. Way to relieve your dad of this meme. You’ve got blogging in your blood, son. I got tagged for this one (again) recently. Maybe I’ll do a collabo with Fury.

  6. tanya25m says:

    Great post!! I was giggling in anticipation the minute I started reading it! And boy, did Ace deliver! 🙂

  7. JLow says:

    Hey Ace,
    Can you tell your dad that he’s been tagged for a parenting-related meme please?

    Ask him to visit my blog for more info, but please don’t you yourself read it. You are not ready for all that yet, okay?

    Thanks buddy.

  8. Ace says:

    @Johnny: Yup. Being a baby pretty much rocks!

    @Xbox: Thanks!

    @PG: Man I hope so. The car seat thing is really eating at me!

    @Chuck: I will try that! Thanks for the tip!

    @BD: Thanks! I’ll have Daddy read me your meme. 🙂 Daddy always laughs when he reads your stories about Fury. Fury must be a pretty cool kid!

    @Tanya: Thanks Tanya!

    @JLow: I’ll let him know. I’m sure he’ll be excited!

  9. Adriana says:

    Ace! Way to run things in the house. I’ve got my housedad runnin around like a chicken with his head cutoff.
    “Get me my juice bitch!” is all I have to say and he’s fumbling around for a bottle. Little does he know I hide every time I say just so I can watch him pull his hair out lookin for the thing. We babies rule the world, don’t we?