Ace’s Nemesis

Ace’s Nemesis
Photo by tattingstar2

I thought that up to this point Ace was fearless. He has never backed down from anything…ever.

You can throw him up in the air, dangle him upside down, let him fall off the couch and catch him inches from the floor, run the vacuum cleaner right next to him, be mounted by the dog, walk him through the pitch black of a basement with no lights…nothing phases the little guy.

Well, we have found his nemesis…

It was late Sunday night. It was dark. The only light was from the parking lots surrounding us. We pull in. A light mist starts covering us, followed by a plethora of multi colored goo.

A short pause intensifies the moment. Then WHAM! We are being blasted on all sides with water! It’s everywhere! It’s loud! The noise cycles around us with a taunting gesture!

I look at Ace. As the noise approached him his eyes and mouth open as wide as I have ever seen them open. The intensity builds as the noise gets closer and peaks when it is beating on Ace’s window. It gets a bit quieter as it moves away from him and he lets out a horrifying scream as tears roll down his cheeks.

After the noise circles us a few times, it all ends as quickly as it began. We leave this terrifying place. Ace calms as he realizes it’s over. With tears resting on his cheeks he looks at me as if to say, “Never again Dad! Never again!”

You probably guessed it. His nemesis is the automatic car wash!


  1. jen says:

    poor Ace
    though he does sound like a brave young man most of the time.

  2. Honeybell says:

    The car wash used to scare Monkey too! Now at two he just gets really quiet, and his eyes get HUGE when the water blasts his window.

    BTW-I love that type of carwash . . . that sprays your car with multi-colored foam that smells like fruit??!! Fabulous!

  3. Greg says:

    Aww poor Ace! He’ll grow to love it. The multi-colored soap part is my favorite. I just can’t help but to sit there in awe as it consumes my whole car and say “Cooooool!” with my hands and face pressed to the window! I’m such a big kid.

  4. terancedubya says:

    Man, those things still scare ME kinda, let alone a baby who has never seen one before. I feel your Ace, I feel your pain.

  5. Yeah both older boys freaked out the first time they went in the car wash… My guess baby will be like his brothers…

    Doing a little lunchtime blog hopping while 7.5yo is at school, 3.5 yo is relaxing with mom and baby is sleeping on Mom

  6. Poor Ace.. I feel bad for the little guy.. 🙁
    Awesome shot though..

    Doin a little blog hoppin

  7. Stacey says:

    Aww! LOL! That is too cute!!

    Blog Hopping! Happy Friday!
    “Margarita Mom”

  8. zoeyjane says:

    Aw. I feel bad for the little dude, but I’m also giggling a little. I have a fearless one, too. I’m waiting for the day she’s introduced to, say, a sandblasting room.

    ~aka stumbleina

  9. Tara R. says:

    Poor thing… I can see where a car wash could be scary the first time in one. Hope he out grows that.

    blog hopping – Etcetera

  10. tanya25m says:

    Poor little fella! I remember my first automatic car wash, the uneasy feeling as we went through and the relief to be out in the open again… and I was definitely more than 11 months old!

  11. Jared says:

    Jen: Yeah he is most of the time. I was pretty shocked to see him get scared like this…

    Honeybell: I feel the next time through will be less stressful for him. Those carwashes are cool. The smell totally threw me off the first time. 😀

    Greg: LOL! Yeah me too… 😀

    TDub: I’m sure Ace will be glad to know he is not the only one scared by the carwash. 😀

    Man Among Mommies: It probably is pretty freaky the first time you experience something like that. He’ll become numb to it just like the rest of us…except TDub. 😀

    TanquerayMomic: How do you type your name while blog hoppin? I can barely type is sober! 😀

    Stacey: Hi margarita Mom! Thanks for stoppin in!

    Zoeyjane: Yeah..a sandblasting room would definitely freak Ace out. 😀

    Tara: Hi Tara! Thanks for hoppin in! I’m sure he’ll grow out of it eventually… 😀

    Tanya: 😀 Yeah I remember my first time too. Only back then they had all those brushes and stuff which made the car rock back and forth. Rememeber those? 😀

  12. Stephen says:

    Oh, heavens! Our oldest is afraid of the car wash as well. She enjoys watching when we’re not *in* the car, though.

  13. Jared says:

    Stephen: I’ll have to try that. Next time me and Ace will stand outside as Momma drives through. 🙂

  14. Johnny says:

    My kids LOVE the car wash… I threaten to roll down the window when the water gets on their windows .. LOL