Wordless Wednesday

Why Diapers Were Invented

It’s about time! (Momma Monday)

So it’s been awhile since my last post, and now that life is back to normal, here I am!  The holidays were so stressful, so I’m thankful that is over and now we can move on.  But the new semester has started at school and that is challenging my abilities with time management. 

 I have class on Wednesday’s and Thursday’s and occasionally, as Jared has said, he travels for work, so I need to get Ace to grandma and grandpa’s before 5:30 and get to class by 6!  This in itself has presented a new challenge!  Sometimes the grandparents are home by then and sometimes they are not, so I have enlisted my single, childless, 25-year old brother.  Scary! 

Ace loves his Uncle Charlie, and Uncle Charlie loves his nephew Ace, but Uncle Charlie can’t change a diaper.  How the heck do you babysit when you can’t change a diaper? 

It’s really quite interesting……..Helen has lived next door to my parents since we moved there in 1993, and she watches my niece for my older brother.  She’s great, kind of like an extended family member, she definitely helps out when we need her!  So Uncle Charlie and Ace will have a bottle and then play for a while, and when it’s time for a clean diaper……..it’s time to head next door to Helen’s house! 

But a trustworthy babysitter is worth whatever it takes to make Ace happy and keep his diapers clean!  I know he is being played with, and being fed, and most importantly he is being loved by his Uncle.

RSS Overdose

My RSS Feed Reader has grown to a monstrous size.  Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with every single post from every blog that I like.

So I have recruited some help…

Ace On Laptop

Turning Trash Into Cash

A while back I wrote about how we save aluminum cans and I crush them with the old Blazer that sits in the driveway. Remember that?

Well, we have been saving cans for a while now. The bags were piling up in our backyard. Every time we had a storm or high winds I would have to trek across my yard and my neighbors yards to gather up all of the bags of cans that had been blown away.

I finally got a chance to take the cans in to get them recycled. Here is a pic of my truck loaded up with all of the cans…

Aluminum Cans Loaded Into The Truck

Well, after driving to the recycling center, unloading the truck, the cans were weighed…

86 lbs of cans!

My engineering mind has got the best of me and I really want to know just how many cans make up 86 lbs?

  • I weighed one empty aluminum can and it weighed 0.5 oz
  • and there are 16 oz per lb.
  • This means it takes 32 cans to make up 1 lb
  • So 32 cans/lb x 86 lbs = 2752 cans in 86 lbs!

Two thousand seven hundred fifty two cans!  Holy cow!

It’s hard enough to save money for ourselves, however we want to be able to put some money away from time to time for Ace’s future.  Recycling cans is one way we decided to get this done.

Anyways, I received $55.90 for all of these cans.  This money is going straight into Ace’s savings account. Don’t spend it all in one place little man!

Not too shabby for something that we would have usually thrown away, eh?

Some New Pics

I got a new camera for Christmas and have been taking a lot of pictures. Figured I would share some of my favorites…


Ace’s First Bite Of Pizza
Ace enjoys his first bite of pizza!

Ace Will Sleep Anywhere
When Ace gets tired he will sleep just about anywhere and in whatever position he ends up in. 😀

Ace and Buddy - Best Buds
Ace and Buddy, ready for a nap.

Ace On His Truck With Olivia Watching
Ace riding his new truck he got for Christmas. His cousin Olivia is helping.

Dad and Ace Having Some Fun With The New Camera
Dad and Ace having some fun with the new camera.

Ace Close Up
Ace trying to fingerprint the lens.

Ace Admiring His Christmas Gifts
Ace admiring all of his new Christmas toys.

Ace Up To No Good
Ace up to no good!

Ace Showing Off His New Teeth
Ace showing off his new teeth!

Dad and Ace PLaying With The Camera
Dad and Ace playing with the camera again…

Ace Missing Sock
The sock monster strikes again!

Ace walking right out of his pants.
Ace walking right out of his pants!