George Strait Brings Back Memories

This weekend was slam packed full of fun. We went down to Charleston, WV to see Sara Johns, Little Big Town, and George Strait in concert!

Not sure how many of you that read this site are country music fans, but have you heard George Strait’s new single? It is called “I Saw God Today”. Have a quick listen to the song…

I remember this feeling like it was yesterday. I remember when Ace was first born I just stood there in total amazement. I didn’t say a word. The nurses had to tell me it was OK to come over and touch Ace, say hi, and take his picture.

After everything settled down and I went outside for a breath of fresh air, I was like WOW!

The world seemed to be a better place…


  1. Stacey says:

    Country music fan here! ::raising hand:: Wow, beautiful song!

    Music affects me that way too.

    After having three boys, I actually had a girl! Within weeks of her being born, Tracy Byrd’s “Keeper of the Stars” came out. It made me think of my daughter and how lucky I was to have her. That song still makes me tear up–almost 13 years later.

  2. Kim says:

    That was a beautiful song. I loved it from start to finish! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Momo Fali says:

    I’m not a country music fan, but I’m a DadThing fan!

  4. On the opposite end of life’s cycle, co-incidentally is(was?) my grandmother. The one tune that reminds me of her is another George Strait song, ‘If I know me’, which she found hilarious (sick sense of humour she had).

    So while the exact sentiment I can’t relate to, the notion behind it I certainly can.


  5. I love country concerts! I am so jealous!

  6. dorky dad says:

    I’m not a big George Strait fan but I AM a big fan of large cowboy hats. Does that count? I think they should go back in style so I can wear one regularly.

  7. Johnny says:

    Love country music.. Sounds like it was a great show with who was performing…
    Also LOVE this song !!!

  8. BusyDad says:

    AWESOME. Hard to believe, but I think he’s coming to LA. I’m gonna try to get out to that show because he is the man!

  9. Ok. Went down, but started where? My family originates from the hills of WV. Where be you?

  10. I didn’t know that George Strait was still around. Not only is he still around, but making some great music.

    I can certainly relate to that birth experience. Really glad I was there.

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