Babysitter Phone Tag?

Not any more! There is a new service on the web called WillUSit that automates this process for you.


Many parents have a list of babysitters they can trust. When you have plans for Saturday night do you go down this list and call every person on your list to find an available sitter?

WillUSit makes this job less time consuming.

Here’s a quick excerpt from their website:

Calling a long list of sitters and leaving messages, waiting for call backs, finding more sitters to call, etc. For those times when you really need a sitter you can expand your search to include you friends list of sitters. You can search for sitters based on several profile criteria including rate, age, experience, location, etc.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You create an account on
  2. You add all of your sitters’ names and contact info.
  3. When you need a sitter you do a search and a list of sitters meeting your requirements is shown.
  4. You select which sitters you would like WillUSit to contact and press “GO”
  5. WillUSit will call (or email or text message) every sitter with the time and date they will be needed. WillUSit goes down your list until a sitter is found and then connects the both of you via phone (or email) to make arrangements.

I think this could be a very valuable resource for someone with multiple baby sitters that they trust to watch their children, but not a bunch of spare time to call each and every sitter to be told “No” by the first ten they call.

My description does not do it justice. Please go to and watch the flash animation on the home page to see exactly how it works.

Sign up and test it out for FREE!


  1. Joe says:

    I am very curious about this site, you bring up some great stuff my man. You rock! Peace!

  2. Momo Fali says:

    We only have three sitters, so I’m interested in this contacting friends and families sitters thing! Thanks J!

  3. Ashley says:

    That’s pretty cool, yo 🙂

  4. Honeybell says:

    Oh wow, thanks for posting this. I’m going there NOW.

  5. dette says:

    I only have a couple of sitters myself – I am TOTALLY checking this site out. Thanks for sharing!!

  6. IDad says:

    This is pretty neat! Right now we only trust Grandma.. but in time Im sure that list will grow.. as will our need to get the hell out of the house!

  7. I’m going to have to check this one out. We can’t always rely on grandma and it sure would be great to get out with the wife more often.
    Nice find.

  8. I’ll have to check this out!!! I like that you can contact friennds and family’s sitters too!