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building-camelot-screenshotA while back I wrote a post titled 51 Dad Blogs which simply listed links to 51 different Dad bloggers.  I was new to the Dad Blog scene and was just getting to know many of you that I interact with today!

Tyler, over at Building Camelot has compiled an ammended list which showcases 101 Sites For Men, Husbands, and Fathers!

Go check out his huge list of Dad Blogs, Dad’s How-To Sites, Men’s General Interest Sites, Online Groups for Men and Dads, and some other great links!

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Ace’s 1st Birthday Party


Ace’s birthday party was a success! Utilizing one of those clown car miracles, we managed to fit everyone into my in-laws house and amazingly no one was trampled or lost in the chaos…

In-laws, out-laws, and everyone in between were in attendance for what seemed to be the biggest event of the year thus far!

Grandpa S Celebrating!

The pre-show started with Momma running around town picking up the cake and last minute necessities, while Grandma finished cleaning and getting the food ready. I was on kid-duty and fulfilled Ace’s every want and need as if he was a rock-star before the big concert.

Most rock-stars live on the edge and so does mine. During pre-show warm up Ace was practicing his “lets see how fast I can walk” routine. As you all know, walking is a new part of his show and thus he is fairly inexperienced. But the trick is a big crowd pleaser so he insists that it be the highlight of the night! Anyways, during a routine practice something went astray. Balance was lost. Feet got crossed. And Ace took a header into one of the door jams scarring up his baby like face before the show.

Scarred Up

He wasn’t concerned because it gave him a more “tough guy” kinda look. A good PR opportunity at that!

The show started with the ritual pass-the-baby game where poor Ace was tossed around like a cooked spud in a game of Hot Potato only to be returned to Momma or myself when a tear was in sight or an odor was sensed propogating from his lower region.

great-grandma-momma-and-aceGreat Grandma, Ace, and Momma

The second part of the show was the gift opening ceremony where every one in attendance paid their respects by giving something of value to the little celebrity. Ace sat on my lap as I opened a multitude of gifts resulting in a very big score of clothes, toys, gift cards, and money. He was happy and ready to move on to the finale!

dad-and-ace-opening-presentsDad and Ace Opening Presents

After all of the crowd surfing and gift opening, Ace was placed into his throne and the crowd gathered around. The lights were turned down and Momma brought in the flaming candle as the crowd rejoiced by singing Happy Birthday! The candle was blown out and Ace enjoyed his Panda Bear crush cake! (skillfully crafted by his Grandma GG).

birthday-crush-cake-beforeCrush Cake Before

birthday-crush-cake-afterCrush Cake Afterwards

the-crusherThe Crusher!

Everyone in attendance celebrated by eating a piece of the cake and some ice cream before making their way to the door.

awesome-birthday-cakeAwesome Birthday Cake By Hilliard Cake Creations

awesome-birthday-cake-2Awesome Birthday Cake By Hilliard Cake Creations

The big event went fairly smoothly with no major incedents or injuries. Special thanks goes out to everyone that attended, everyone who was kind enough to bring a gift, Momma for the great event planning, Grandma and Grandpa S for hosting the party, GG for making the crush cake, and Hilliard Cake Creations for the awesome looking and tasting birthday cake!

He Likes The Cookies

Most of you that read my blog probably read BusyDad’s blog.  If not…you should!

The other day BusyDad wrote about an experience where he and his son were walking into the grocery store past the Girl Scouts selling cookies.  His 5 year old son asked if they could stop and buy some cookies…not because he likes the cookies, but because he likes the Girl Scouts. 😀  Remember he is 5 years old.

Momma took this pic the other day, and when I saw it, I immediately though of BusyDad’s post.

Now we're talking!

 I think he likes the Thin Mints for now.  But you better watch out future Girl Scouts!

Stylin’ The Do

Well, Ace is one year old. He has a full years worth of hair growth. It’s long in some places and short in others. It hangs over his ears and he has the makings of one cool-ass rat tail. 😀

So, we decided to have it cut for the first time. Here is a before shot…

Before Shot #3

So how should we get it cut? What would he like? Should we buzz it off so he looks like me? (which is impossible because he already has more hair than I do) Should we get him a tight fade? How about a flat top? Or should we let it grow into a rock-star like hair-do?

I went to http://ecarddesignanimation.com and made some virtual hair styles for the little guy…take a look at what I mangled up…

(Ignore the “FOR GOLD MEMBERSHIP” text. You gotta pay $20 or something to get rid of that crap, so you all will have to live with it, aight?)

Here is the pic I started with…


and here are a couple of the looks that I created for the little guy?

2008-03-13_152415 2008-03-13_152507

How about a little longer?


And how about some shades and facial hair?

2008-03-13_152756 2008-03-13_152901

Which one is your favorite?

After some in depth considerations we decided to go with this look…nice and simple.

Admiring his new hair-do.

We took Ace to a place called Cookie Cutters. This place was awesome. There was a small play area for kids to play in before getting their hair cut right next to where the parents sit.

The chairs that the kids sit in are even cool. Ace sat in a tractor. There were also chairs that looked like horses, trucks, airplanes, and boats! At each chair there was a TV. The kids can pick from a library of their favorite cartoons, or for the older kinds they can play their favorite Play Station game while getting a trim.

I think I might go there to get my hair cut next time (yes they cut Dad’s hair too) to get some uninterrupted Grand Theft Auto playing time. 😀

Anyways, Ace loved the tractor. He immediately grabbed the steering wheel and was “Hoggin’ up the road in his P-P-P-P-Plower” (For all you country music fans out there.)

All was good until the clippers got close to his ears. Then you would have thought that something jumped up and grabbed him by his danglies!

Momma had to hold him for a while while the stylist kept on cutting. I grabbed a bottle of bubbles and blew bubbles at a higher rate than a professional bubble blowing machine…to no avail.

Then Ace reached for me, so I held him while the hair cut lady kept on cuttin’. Drawing his attention to the TV stopped the screaming for a few minutes, but it didn’t last long enough.

Finally, the torture was over and he came out with a brand spankin’ new hair cut. After cleaning up a few tears with a Kleenex and wiping a years worth of Ace hair off of my coat’s shoulder…we were done.

Of course Ace got a fancy certificate and a locket of his hair for keepsake purposes. Hopefully next time there will be a little less screaming and a bit more laughing! We might have to mess around with my hair clippers at home for some practice before our next visit. 😀

Happy Birthday Ace!

In celebrating Ace’s first birthday I wanted to write about the most exciting day of my life.  The day that Ace was born.  I started DadThing.com when Ace was about 6 months old, so his birth story has never been told here.

Happy 1st Birthday Little Man!

The Birth Story!

It all started on March 12, 2007.  I was at work on the phone with a customer.  My cell phone rang, and it was Momma.  I put the customer on hold and answered my cell.  She said she was having contractions.  I told her I would call her right back after I got off the phone with the customer (I will never live that one down :D)  Thirty seconds later I called Momma back and we decided it was best for me to come home because the contractions were getting closer together.

When I arrive home Momma is in the shower.  She looks a lot more relaxed than I thought she would be.  I grab my stop watch and start timing the contractions while writing down when each contaction started and stopped.  After a few hours the contractions were down to about 5 minutes.  I call the doctor and was told it was time to go to the hospital.

I grab all of the bags that I had packed and ready for the occasion.  We get in the car, take the dog to Momma’s parent’s house, and then make our way to the hospital.  After arriving at the hospital we make our way to Maternity.  I get handed a packet full of paper to fill out (which I totally screwed up because I was so nervous).

After a few minutes we were walked back to the “observation room” where Momma was hooked up to all kinds of monitors that recorded the strength of her contractions and her and the babies vital signs.  Not long after she was hooked up to the monitors a nurse opened our curtain and walked in.  She informed us that Momma’s blood pressure was elevated and she needed to relax…easier said than done.  We spent what seemed like eternity in this small curtained in room that was barely big enough for the bed, the monitoring equipment, and me.

All Momma wanted to do was stand up.  This is what made her comfortable at home and she knew this would make her more comfortable here.  I asked the nurse if Momma could stand, but the nursesaid “No!”.  They were afraid that with Momma’s elevated blood pressure she would pass out or something.  So Momma had to just stick out the pain the best she could. (I gotta give a hand to Momma here.  She was tough and stayed strong!)

Finally, we were moved to a delivery room which was a bit more comfortable, but they still wouldn’t let Momma stand.  I made a call to Momma’s Dad and let him know that we had been admitted.  His job was to call everyone on the list that wanted to be at the hospital when Ace was born and let them know that the time has come.

In the delivery room Momma had to lay on her side.  Her blood pressure kept going up.  The nurses were freaking at this point and decided to give Momma some magnesium sulfate.  The magnesium was to keep Momma from having seizures!  That’s right seizures!!!  Very high blood pressure causes seizures!  I started to worry at this point!

Momma was all about not having an epidural, but due to her high blood pressure the nurses and doctors decided it was best to do the epidural so that Momma could relax and hopefully her blood pressure would drop.

After the epidural was administered the nurses turned out the lights and told us to go to sleep…we both passed out in record time.

I was woken by the lights turning on (after what seemed like a 30 second nap) and a nurse entering the room letting us know that it was time!  Holy shit!  It was time!  Although I had to do none of the pushing, none of the breathing, none of the tearing, none of the bleeding…I was nervous!  I stood there like a zombie.  I forgot most of what we had learned in the parenting classes.  I did my best to comfort Momma.

Momma’s water hadn’t broke yet, so the nurse broke it for her.  I saw it all.  I huge splash of brown liquid.  Brown because Ace had pooped in there.  The little booger couldn’t wait.  😀  They ran a small hose up in there and flushed the baby factory with water to get all of the marconium (a.k.a.  poop) out.

I just stood by Momma’s side as she pushed…and pushed…and pushed…

My cell phone rang.  I looked at the caller ID and it was my Dad.  Do I answer it?  I knew he was driving in from out of town and wouldn’t call unless it was important.  So I answered it.  He was lost.  I was giving him directions, but I don’t know my way around the city very well.  Momma asked who the hell I was talking to.  I told her my Dad was lost.  Momma was yelling out directions in between pushes.  (Another thing I will never live down.)  Once I got him headed in the right direction the cell phone was turned off so that I could fcous on the task at hand.  😀

Momma didn’t have to push much longer (she is a good pusher) and I could see the top of Ace’s head.  A few more pushes and his whole head was out.  I couldn’t see his face though.  The doctors suctioned out his mouth and nose.  A few more pushes and his shoulder came out.  One more push and he flew right out of there into the doctors hands.  The doctor placed Ace on Momma’s belly.  I just stood there staring at him in amazement.  Momma was doing the same.  I didn’t cry.  I didn’t smile.  I didn’t say a word.  I just stood there in total amazement.

The doctor asked me if I would like to cut the cord.  I snapped out of zombie mode as I was handed a pair of scissors.  He pointed at the area for me to cut.  I clearly saw where to cut, but had to ask him…”Right here?”…just to make sure. 😀  A few snips with the scissors and I realized that I just set the little guy free.

He was now on his own.  No longer would Momma’s body supply him with what he needed to survive.  He had to breath.  He had to eat.  He had to poop and pee on his own.  He was a real, live person!

They took Ace over and cleaned him up, weighed him, measured him, and checked all of his vitals.  I was still just standing there…amazed!  Momma had to tell me to get the camera and go take some pictures.



He weighed 6 lbs. 8 oz.

I remember saying “Hi” to him.  It was weird hearing myself say, “Hi Ace!”.  He didn’t exist in this world a few seconds ago.  Ace was someone that had only existed in my imagination up to this point.  I remember putting my finger in his little hand and having him grab a hold.  Still chokes me up to this day…

I remember the nurse then wrapping him up, putting that tiny little hat on him, and letting Momma hold him for the first time.


Momma was a natural.  She knew what to say, how to hold him, how to act…she truly was a natural!  And I was so proud of her!

A few minutes later Momma handed Ace to me.  I had never held a small baby and was nervous about it, but ya know what?  It felt very natural…even though I probably looked extremely awkward and nervous.  😀


And that’s how it all started.  A year ago today.  Me…proud…a Dad.