The Poop-endectomy

Saturday, after breakfast, Ace and I went out to explore the backyard.  I was excited!  Ace was curious!  We were going to have one hell of a time rolling around in the grass and digging holes with sticks!

Ace Eating A Stick!

Not long after putting Ace down in the grass I realized we had a major issue on our hands!


There is a whole winter’s worth of Buddy turds scattered across the newly discovered playground we like to call the back yard.  Images of Ace chomping on a dried up crap-biscuit flooded my previously serene mental state.

I sprint inside for a plastic bag.  Then race to the shed for a garden shovel.  Then back into the house for some toys to keep Ace occupied while I partake on yet another glorious aspect of being a parent…disarming the mine field!

Picking Up Poop

Off I go!  Scooping, and smearing, and plopping booty-cakes into a plastic grocery bag…  😐

Despite my best efforts, disaster was inevitable.  A casualty was encountered.  Here is a picture from the case file…

Poop On The Shoe

I immediately gathered up the victim and raced inside to perform an emergency poop-endectomy.  This was an urgent matter that had to be dealt with and covered up before Momma found out.  Why?  These were his good shoes!

The poop-endectomy was a success!  The shoes were as good as new, however completely soaked and temporarily unwearable  from the operation. 😀


  1. Bob O says:

    EEwwwww. Been there! Don’t have dogs anymore..but I certainly remember a couple of those times when my older kids were younger…but..I usually didn’t realize it until after one of them had already “noticed” it themselves! Glad your poop-endectomy went well! Funny stuff!

    BTW..dropping through via EC and sitehoppin

  2. Greg says:

    Holy crap!

  3. PG says:

    “This was an urgent matter that had to be dealt with and covered up before Momma found out. ”

    errr, Jared….

  4. Ashley says:

    Don’t forget…Hairdryers can be used for way more than just hair. Like spot drying clothes and shoes 🙂

  5. Momo Fali says:

    Gag!!!! Once my daughter could walk, we started picking up the poop immediately after it feel from the dog’s butt!

  6. “His good shoes”. brilliant!

    there’s something universal about hiding soiled ‘good shoes’ from a mother.

    a rite of passage.

  7. Kim says:

    Yikes!! That would def make a moms hair stand up!

  8. Frugal Dad says:

    Man, that stinks! Glad everything cleaned up. My son seems to have a magnet in his shoes attracted to the dog piles in our backyard.

  9. dette says:

    lol – holy crap is right! I’ve long since recruited my now 13 year old to take over the poop shift. I’m a wuss (or a snob!) and won’t touch it!

  10. Jared says:

    Bob O: Yup…I got lucky and caught it pretty quick. I’m sure a few minutes later and the poop-endectomy would have been much much more involved. 😀

    Greg: EVERYWHERE! 😀

    PG: Just telling the truth man… 😀 To bad she reads the blog. 😀

    Ashley: Didn;t think about that one. I never use a hair dryer (you gotta have some hair), so it never crosse dmy mind. 😀 I’ll remember for next time. 😀

    Momo: I think I’m going to have to start doing a daily poop patrol. Oh the joy… 😀

    XBox: You gotta do what you gotta do. You know how much baby soes cost? 😀

    Kim: Hehe! 😀

    Frugal Dad: It did stink! Especially once it hit the hot water during the clean up process… 😀

    Dette: Send him my way. I will gladly pay him. 😀

  11. Elaine says:

    That is really funny. Smelly, I am sure, but funny.

  12. Jon D says:

    LOL –
    too funny! Lord, no! Not his good shoes!!! Why the heck does it always have to be the good shoes – never the beaters!?!
    And how is it, that regardless of how long the winter was, it still stinks when tread in? Is that physics or chemistry?

  13. Joe says:

    Horrific! I hate poop in all its forms.

  14. Michael says:

    Right there with you on that one Jared. My clear up was with cat crap though as I have a very lazy cat that won’t use other peoples gardens. Pets huh !!

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  16. Busydad says:

    Hahaha – that is a “poop patrol” face if I ever saw one. I know because I don that face every few days.

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  18. Kevin says:

    that’s just mud…

  19. Bob Fairlane says:

    Another great reason not to have dogs!