Play Ball!

The other night we packed up and headed down to the local minor league baseball stadium for Ace’s first baseball game! We were greeted by swarms of fans, the smell of hot dogs and popcorn, and a night full of the All American Past Time…Baseball!

Ace, of course, could care less about the actual game, but was too busy eating Goldfish and smiling at the old ladies. 😀

We actually went for one of our friend’s kid’s birthday party, so after the second inning all the kids there for the party got to go out into left field and do the chicken dance with the cheerleaders. So there I am, out in left field with Ace (and the cheerleaders 😀 ) helping him flap his wings, shake his butt, and clap like a drugged up chicken.

Here are some pics of Ace’s first baseball game…

The Coop
“The Coop”

Ace Figuring Out His Cow Bell
Ace figuring out his new cow bell…

Ace Has Figured Out The Cow Bell
I think he’s got it figured out…anyone have any Tylenol?

Dad And Ace Enjoying A Hot Dog
Gotta teach this boy right…any babseball game requires the consumption of at least one hot dog. 😀

Mascots Are Scary
What the hell is that thing?

Ace Paying Attention To The Game
It was an exciting game…

The Chicken Dance
The Chicken Dance (I’m the one squatted down using Ace as a puppet, cause I don;t do the chicken dance, but I sure can make Ace do a killer rendition of it. 😀 )

After The Chicken Dance
Ace and I walking off the field after getting our groove on…

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

 Metal Pool

We have been in the market for a pool.  We want to get one of those above ground pools to put in the back yard for Ace and Momma to play in during the day while I am at work.

We got the whole pool idea about two months ago when it started getting warm.  We didn’t buy each other Mother’s day or Father’s day gifts from Ace and decided that we would buy ourselves a pool instead.

I’ve doing some research on line, some price comparisons, etc.  And even saw another Dad blogger put one of these pools up.  There are a few kinds of pools that were in our price range.  The ones where you inflate a ring with air and then fill the pool with water, or the ones with metal supports around the outside.

Of course the inflatable ring ones are less expensive, but you get what you pay for, ya know?  What happens when that ring gets a hole in it and then your back yard floods with 5000 gallons of water?  So the inflatable ring type was out of the question.

On to the metal supported ones…the are a bit more expensive.  There is a 13 foot pool that is 42 inches deep which, at Walmart, has been $199.  Then there is a 15 foot pool that is 48 inches deep which has been $299.

Of course, me, the cheapo, wanted the smaller of the two, and Momma wanted the bigger more expensive one.  I’ve been hoping that the pools go on sale and we can get a good deal.

We have not been able to come to an agreement on which pool to get…until the other day.  Momma, Ace, and I walked into Walmart and headed right for the pool section to see what is available.  Low and behold they have both pools that we have been considering, but not agreeing upon.

Momma starts looking a bit closer and they have the bigger $299 pool that she wants marked for $199, the price I want to pay!

I immediately pull the pool off the shelf and we bust our guts getting it onto the cart (Todd, I see why you got a hernia now)  and to the checkout line where it rings up wrong…of course for $299.  But since it was marked right on the box for $199 they had to give it to us for that price.  YAY!

So in the end everyone got what they wanted.  I got a pool for $199 and Momma got a 4 foot deep pool.  So, see?  I think it is true…  Good things do come to those who wait!  😀

Why You Don’t Drive Behind The Line Painting Truck On The Highway

Why You Don\'t Drive Behind The Line Painting Truck On The Highway

When we went on our trip to Pittsburgh to pick up the mower deck for the John Deere, we saw this car in a parking lot where we stopped for lunch.  Thought it was funny and had to share it…  😀

Dead In The Spotlight

No, I’m not dead.  I’ve just been ultra busy lately.  Priorities suck!  If only I could blog all day, every day…I would be a happy man.  😀

Just wanted to give a quick shout out to Jeremy over at Discovering Dad.  He does an awesome series every Saturday highlighting some really cool Dad’s.  This past Saturday was my turn in the spotlight…

Check it out!

Stark Raving Madness

Busy Dad and Mr Lady have recently started up an “advice” ( a word that they use loosely ) blog where readers submit questions and get answers from a few different perspectives.

Some answers are serious and sincere.  Some answers are funny and make you chuckle.  You never know what you are going to get with these two minds at work… 😀

They recently answered my question:

Why do kids always need to go to the restroom (or totally blow up a diaper) at the most inconvenient times and places…like at a restaurant  in the middle of dinner, or even when you are driving on the highway just after you passed the last exit for the next 30 miles?

See the answer I got here.