White Trash Is Contagious!

Remember the post I wrote a while back titled, Momma’s Going To Kill Me!?

I confessed to having a small addiction to free things that have wheels and a motor. Momma commented on the post and was joking about how we may need a permit and a taller fence due to all of the junk piling up behind our shed…and she suggested that I may be white trash (As if it isn’t obvious). Remember that?

Well, look what I captured on the digital camera the other day…

Momma and Ace On The John Deere

Sorry Momma! Looks like I must be rubbing off on ya a little bit. 😀

(I can’t lie…if anyone has rubbed of on anyone, it has been her rubbing off on me. I was full fledged white trash before…now I just have some white trash tendencies.)

Ace loves riding the mower around the yard (almost as much as I do), and I do not blame Momma one bit for temporarily white trashin’ it up and cruising around the yard with her little man! 😀

As you probably remember, I found this mower for free on Craigslist! I knew it didn’t run, but when I went to pick it up I found out it did not have a mowing deck either. So, I planned on it being a “lawn tractor”…not a “lawn mower”. Many of you even suggested turning it into a racing tractor (which I seriously considered) 😆

Well, that has all changed thanks to some awesome folks Momma and I had the pleasure to meet last weekend!

After the first post about the old John Deere 56 tractor I got an email. The email was from a guy named Jerry in the Pittsburgh area who reads DadThing. Jerry said that he had a mower deck for this mower that I could have for free! Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-FREE!

Sweet Jesus! There’s that “F” word again! I just can’t help myself! 😀

Last weekend Momma and I drove to Pittsburgh, PA (we spared Ace the 6 hours of being in the car since he just got done with a 28 hour car ride) and met a really cool family…Jerry, Lynn, and Tyler.

When we arrived Jerry asked, “Where’s Ace?” Which caught me off guard because we have never met before, but then I realized he reads DadThing. He knew all about our trip to COSI and our trip to Iowa. It was kinda cool for me to meet someone that actually reads the stuff I write!

Jerry didn’t know Momma’s name, so he referred to Momma…well, as Momma! I loved it! 😆

Jerry and Lynn have a cute baby boy named Tyler who, at only 7 months old, already has his very own awesome Camaro! Guess what! Dad Jerry (who is a very involved father as well) has a cool Camaro too and plans on drag racing (and beating) his son some day! 😀

Thanks Jerry, Lynn, and Tyler for the mower deck! Hopefully I’ll post some pictures of it chopping up some grass in the near future.

It was a pleasure meeting and talking with you! And Jerry, make sure to send me a video of that drag race one of these days! I got this funny feeling Tyler is going to whoop your butt! 😆

In no way shape or form am I implying that Jerry, Lynn, or Tyler are white trash by mentioning their names in this extremely well titled post! Unless being white trash really is contagious…then they may have caught it from me and will be mutating to white trash in the very near future 😆


  1. Thanks for being another person on the planet to spell Momma correctly!! You are hysterical, and I will be back for more reading when I can sit upright. FWIW – I totally thought by White Trash, you meant Recycling everything that wasn’t white was catching on! The migraine drugs make me stupider than normal though!

  2. the face on him is brilliant, he’s LOVING it!

  3. Chuck says:

    That is pretty damn funny, and cool. Nice that you were able to get a deck for that mower for Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-FREE!… Ha Ha

  4. The mower deck was free, but the trip wasn’t. In the end, you still won. If you’re a bean counter, this was a silly trip. Forging relationships with cool people is worth way more than $4.03 gallon. 🙂

  5. Jared says:

    @MommasTantrum: Is there another way to spell it? 😀 Hope the headache goes away ASAP! 😀

    @XBox: Chip off the old block…

    @Chuck: Free is my favorite. 😀

    @Elliot – Actually it cost me $70 in gas. I think that was a good deal. 😀

  6. Jason says:

    You are the king of FREE STUFF. I still like that you just drive a lawn mower around your yard. I grew up in the “county” aka the country aka not inside Baltimore. We actually had to reverse parka and run a lawn mower through an obstacle course in 6th grade if we wanted to pass AG class ….yes ag class was a required class. Keep up the reading and don’t be a stranger over on the boards.

    • Jared says:

      Ag class was not a requirement where I went to school, but all the cool kids took it. I worked on a farm from when I was 14 until I was 18 and knew that isn’t what I wanted to do when I grew up. So I was one of the un-cool ones. 😀

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