Why You Don’t Drive Behind The Line Painting Truck On The Highway

Why You Don\'t Drive Behind The Line Painting Truck On The Highway

When we went on our trip to Pittsburgh to pick up the mower deck for the John Deere, we saw this car in a parking lot where we stopped for lunch.  Thought it was funny and had to share it…  😀


  1. Flug Asien says:

    Well, it is a nice car. The color is nice:)
    nice blog, btw.!

  2. Snap Catch says:

    cool one for WW! mine’s up too hope you can drop by,,,, Happy WW!

  3. All I can say is… D’oh!

    I’m glad it’s not your car. Or mine!

  4. VegasDad says:

    Since the car appears to be old it’s definitely funny. If it were a new sports or luxury car, I’d cringe for sure.

  5. Chelle says:

    That’s pretty funny. They can always pretend they MEANT to do that.

  6. Kim says:

    I can laugh at this because it is not mine!! LOL

  7. That has happened to me before too – white paint though! Felt like a dummy!

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