Is There A Way, It Could Stay, Independence Day?

Momma and I ventured our way deep into the mob of people who take over down town every year to catch a glimpse of the colorful explosions…and a mob it was!  From young ganstas to old bitties, everyone was in attendance.

We found a great spot, on top of a bridge about 200 yards or so from where they let off the fireworks.  AMAZING VIEW!  (and an even more amazing neck cramp) I’m glad we didn’t take Ace to this firework display though!  The booms were loud enough and strong enough that I could feel my heart flutter every time one went off…and Ace wasn’t too keen when the neighbor was letting off firecrackers earlier in the week.

After experiencing one of the best displays of controlled explosions I think I have ever seen, we sat in traffic for about an hour before getting home.  It’s alright though…there was plenty to entertain us.

First, a bunch of the whitest white boys, with white boy dancing skills, were getting jiggy to some Michael Jackson…in the back of a lifted pick up truck in the parking lot.  “THRILLER! THRILLER!” I’m betting alcohol had absolutely no influence there… 😀

Second, we were entertained by the guy who was stuck down town.  His “friends” left him to find his own way home.  He was yelling into his cell phone trying to get someone to come pick him up.  What I learned… if your in need of some help…yelling and screaming into the phone at someone when you are trying to influence them to pick you up…probably won’t get you anywhere…except more PO’d!  😀  I can’t laugh to much though…I’ve been left somewhere by some “friends” and it took a $40 taxi ride to get me home.

The next night one of the smaller suburbs were doing their fireworks.  We took Ace this time and did not get very close at all.  Tryin to ease him into the big BANGS and BOOMS, ya know?

He loved it!  If he concentrated any harder his eyeballs would have popped right out of his head.  I think next year is a GO for the big fireworks celebration down town for Ace.

So, if I were not looking forward to next years fourth of July celebration with Ace, I would say is there a way, it could stay, Independence Day?

PS:  The camera has been acting up lately, so I did not get any pics from this weekend.  However it is working again, so there will be some more exciting pics coming soon!  😀


  1. Sounds pretty cool.

    He’ll be absolutely chuffed with the fireworks next year I reckon.

  2. JustDaddys says:

    We had some great fireworks in my town as well. I love watching them. I love setting them off. I love everything about the 4th. I have found though that the older I get the more I appreciate what the holiday is really about, and that’s something special as well. I agree ….lets make it stay all year long.

  3. Annie says:

    Looks like someone had Gala time except Ace 🙁 I can really visualize the entertainment you had on way back home 😉

    But I really missed your pictures on this blog. If you would have had few then it would have been better……I know I know; waiting for next pictorials blog 😀

  4. Annie says:

    I know Jared and I am sure Ace must have had good time with her. Its so amazing that all of us has a soft spot for Grandma. Me too love my grandma to the max.

    So Ace is a lucky chap 🙂

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