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A couple days ago I was working out of town with a co-worker, and after work we went to get some dinner.  My co-worker was driving and parked his car in the parking lot at a fast food restaurant next door to the the sit-down place where we were going because there was very little parking.
We walked next door and went inside, sat down, got a beer, and ordered our food when the waitress walks up to our table.  She said that there was a car accident outside in the parking lot and a car fitting the description of my co-workers car was one of the two involved
I pictured a fender bender.  Someone backed into his car, right?  A big deal, but not as big as what we were walking in to.

We went outside and were met by three ambulances, two fire trucks, and two cop cars!

There was a minivan against the back of my co-worker’s car. My co-worker’s car had been pushed by the minivan over top of a parking block and was sitting about 6 feet forward of where we parked it.

As we walked around to the other side of the car we saw the driver of the minivan on the ground getting CPR from the EMTs.

I had never first hand witnessed someone in a life and death situation.  It is not something cool like you see on TV.  Not even a little bit…

I found out from some witnesses that the guy was ordering food at the drive thru when he started rolling away and then accelerated at a very high rate of speed before crashing into the back of my co-worker’s car.

I’m not sure what actually caused this guy to go out of control, but whatever it was…was serious.  I watched the man die right there on the pavement in the parking lot.

The EMTs stopped CPR and casually loaded him into the back of the ambulance.  No one said that he didn’t make it, but my gut told me that he had passed away right there in front of my eyes.

About an hour later the man’s family arrived at the scene of the accident and they were informed of their loved one’s passing.  The screams were like nothing I have ever heard before…and hope to never hear again.

What if that was me in the minivan? What if out of no where my body goes crazy?  One minute I would be ordering food and the next I would be dead in the parking lot!

Those screams could have been from Momma and my family, and Ace could be the one left without a Dad.

I’m taking nothing for granted anymore…and staying away from fast food…


  1. Honeybell says:

    What an awful thing to witness. You’re right, no resuscitation effort is like what you see on TV. But the cool part comes in when what we have done actually saves someone. Sadly, that doesn’t happen too often. The family . . . yeah. An awful thing to witness.

  2. PG says:

    yeah, talk about unsettling. Sorry you had to see that man.

  3. I can not imagine seeing someone dying. My wife has gone on EMT calls where death was present both before hand and while on scene, but that’s not for me. My father has given his co-worker CPR and had him die in his arms a couple years back, he handled it quite well, but that I can not imagine. Things like this in your life do make you appreciate the small things. A phrase I like to live by “Live like you are dying…cause you never know when you going to go…” I just hope that when my time comes its fast, quick, painless, and my loved ones are a peace.

  4. Amber says:

    Holy cow that is crazy!!! What a terrible thing to see!

  5. Zoeyjane says:

    AW. That is so sad. I’m so sorry that you had to witness that.

  6. VegasDad says:

    Unfortunately, that happens more than we think. We were walking around the Dana Point harbor in California when an old man dropped to the ground, turned purple and died before our eyes. It’s was excrutiatinig to watch. It makes you examine your mortality and realize that it can happen. I worry about leaving my wife and sons behind and not being there for them. But I also now worry about whether they’ll be okay financially, so I’m in the process of purchasing life insurance. A whole lot of it.

  7. Chuck says:

    That is about as serious as it can get I imagine. I’m sorry you had to witness it but it’s good that you took away from it a greater appreciation for what is important.

  8. It is unsettling for sure, but it’s a reminder of how precious life really is. I just said goodbye to a pet today.

  9. Annie says:

    Ouchh! I really understand how you must have felt. So sorry that you had to see this melancholy.

  10. JLow says:

    I have had a few of my friends die.

    A few were due to cancer, a few car accidents.

    It’s quite sombering.

  11. danandmarsh says:

    What a thing to see! I have never witnessed anything like this before either. Sorry you had to.

  12. Kim says:

    I am so sorry you had to witness that, I can’t even imagine watching someone dying right in front of my eyes.

    I am sure you went home and hugged Mama and Ace very tight..

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