JustDaddys.com Referral Winner

A little over a month ago I wrote abouot how JustDaddys.Net was having a referral contest…

And guess what?  I won!

And like I promised, I would pass the prize on to one of the people that I referred.  It looks like I referred five people:

  1. PG
  2. Joeprah
  3. Frugal Dad
  4. kwv
  5. kevinthoule

And thanks to the wonderful RANDOM.ORG I was able to pick the winner without any bias.

And the winner is….


(Screenshot of the random number generator results…)

To those of you that have not yet signed up at JustDaddys.Net, you really should.  The member list is growing and discussions are really starting to flow.  Did you know that the site was mentioned on ABC News?  Really…check it out and sign up for free! (There’s that damned F word again)  😆


  1. Annie says:

    Woho! Congrates Frugal Dad!

    I liked your theory of F word 😉

  2. Dad of Divas says:

    Very cool Jared…congrats!

  3. Thanks to everyone who joined, and Thanks a million to DadThing for referring people. Hope to see everyone over at the boards and if any one that has not signed up doesn’t,… well your missing out. Why pass up something free? You would make Frugal Dad Happy 🙂


  4. Kim says:

    That is great Jared!!! CONGRATS!

  5. I just discovered them the other day actually!

  6. I managed to refer a couple dads, but alas, you beat me. Maybe it’s because I did one post and didn’t put any banner up. However, there is a secret link on my site.

    I second DadThing’s recommendation of the forum. It’s a fun place to hang out online between tasks.

  7. Elliot I can assure you that there was no bias on the post count or due to banners. Although I dont have a screen shot of the drawing ( I did it with small scraps of paper and just pulled one out of the dirty mug on my desk) it was fair and DadThing just was lucky. There will be other contests in the future so don’t give up hope yet.

    See you around the boards.

  8. Kevin T. says:

    Way to go, Jared! Although I’m a little disappointed that I couldn’t beat RANDOM.ORG at its game.