I Wasn’t Invited

Remember the good ole’ days?  The ones where you lived for today.  Your biggest worry was figuring out who was having a party this weekend, and who was going to buy you some alcohol because you were underage!  Remember those days?

If you remember those days you probably remember (or maybe you don’t due to your condition) a few nights where you prayed to the Porcelain God.  Remember that?  Remember putting your face where you usually put your rear end?  Remember giving it everything you had, and then some, and asking the Porcelain God to please make it stop and promising yourself that you would never do it again?

Remember how good the cold bathroom floor felt on your face as you lie there with your pants unbuttoned and probably down around you knees dreading you next worship session?

Well, I forgot about those days until I saw this picture that Momma took of Ace.  Looks like I was not invited to the party…  😀


Ace Passed Out On The Bathroom Floor

Ace Passed Out On The Bathroom Floor

Ace Passed Out On The Bathroom Floor

Ace Passed Out On The Bathroom Floor


  1. you’ve just described my 16-6 period…

    those shot are PRICELESS man, priceless.

  2. Mr Lady says:

    I really like the gangsta jammies hanging low on his diapers. Way to keep it real, Ace. *fist bump*

  3. Honeybell says:

    Dude, NOBODY wants to party with their DAD.

    LOL! That is so cute!

  4. Chuck says:

    Those are great! I can see these posted at a graduation party in about 17 years.

  5. OhCaptain says:

    Dude…I can’t remember the last time I passed out next to the training potty. At least there was a rug there…too bad you didn’t get a picture of the carpet dents in his face when he woke up.

  6. KylieM says:

    haha .. classic .. he is gonna hate that photo on his 21st! and I thought I had photos of my boy in the weirdest sleeping positions.

  7. That is a priceless photo. God love him. Naptime waits for no one.

  8. DaddyO says:

    That’s a great picture. You really need to get him off the bottle.

  9. Awesome. These are the pictures that you will look back on and smile. Priceless.

  10. Jared says:

    XBox: Thanks man! Glad to hear I am not the only one. 😀

    Mr Lady: It’s either GANGSTA, or he is suffering from Noassatall disease like me. Haven’t figured it out yet. D

    VegasDad: Sweet!

    Honeybell: You’re probably right. 🙁 I’m officially uncool. (As if I was ever cool in the first place.)

    Chuck: Hell yeah!

    OhCaptain: and bathroom rug carpet dents at that. I’m sure it looked rough. 😀

    KylieM: Maybe I’ll be invited to that party? Ya think? 😀

    Tammy: Naptime is my favorite time. 😀

    DaddyO: Yup…off one bottle and onto another. 😀

    JustDaddy’s: I agree. He’ll probably hate me for all these pics some day. 😀

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