Trick or Treat?

Things have been fun lately…  Ace has been getting more teeth.  He fell and blackened his eye on the coffee table.  He has recently came down with a combination of pink eye, an ear infection, and the stomach flu…and I swear he has an early case of the terrible twos!!

Ace has become very spoiled opinionated.  If things are not going the way he wishes…he lets you know.  Of course he can not talk yet so he lets you know in other ways…like screaming and crying. 😀

So, we just knew that Trick or Treat would be…well, uh, a real treat…

We made our rounds, collected our candy, and made it home with only one fit thrown.  The fit was because Ace wanted to cross the street like the big kids (is he really old enough to think that way already?) 

All in all we had a good time…and got a good bit of candy. 

Everyone thought Ace was “The cutest vampire they ever did see”. 

Here are some pics of Ace in his costume…

Ace Vamp

Ace Vamp


Ace Vamp

Ace Vamp

Ace Vamp

Ace Vamp


  1. Annie says:

    Hey Thats a cute Vampire! After looking at Ace’s photos I am sure of his new teeths……….They have really come out of Jaws. Ha ha ha Kidding! He is just so much adorable to know he is suffered so much. I am sure he is all well now to keep you on track!

    Belated Happy Halloween! Hope Candies were too good!

  2. Momo Fali says:

    He is adorable. If he had come to my house, I’d have dumped the entire candy bowl in his bag!

  3. Kim says:

    Oh man.. he is too cute.. sorry about the rounds of trouble he has been

  4. tanya25m says:

    Well…. it’s true… He is the cutest 🙂

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