Don’t Panic!

Guess which button is Ace’s favorite?

Panic Button


You guessed it…the BIG RED one.  Our neighbors love us.  They really do!  I’m surprised they haven’t came over to tell us just how much they enjoy us living next door.  😀


  1. Kim says:

    I laughed because my youngest takes my MIL keys all the time and presses the auto start button.

    Yah, needless to say she has gone out to her car three times to find out it has been running for “a really long time” without her knowing.. 🙂

  2. Ed (zoesdad) says:

    What is it with kids and car remotes? Mine set the thing off all the time, too.

  3. orlund says:

    I really don’t get the point of those buttons. If your outside the car the bad guy gets you, if you inside the car you can drive away.

    Maybe they were made as baby toys.

  4. Honeybell says:

    LOL! I’ve thought to myself many times how happy I am that Liam hasn’t discovered that button yet!

    And thanks Orlund, I’ve never thought of that before!

  5. The only thing the Panic button is good for is finding your car in a mall when you forgot where you parked it 🙂

    Maybe Ace is just trying to remind you where you parked.

  6. Annie says:

    Ohh come on Ace is trying to help his dad!

    And good to know that your neighbors also understand his intensions 😀

  7. tom says:

    Been there. Had to sprint across the backyard, nearly broke my neck getting to the key fob to shut it off, my two-year-old staring at me innocently. “Panic” is right.

  8. Rich says:

    Simple, funny post.. Love it!