Locked Down and Locked Out

For the past couple of months we have had to keep our doors locked.  Not to keep the bad guys out, but to keep the little guy in.  😀

Ace, you see,  is a master escape artist.  It never happens when Momma or I are in the room.  He is sneaky.  We could be in the kitchen, or in the basement…anywhere but in sight of the front door…and Ace will make his move.  He reaches up, pulls down on the door handle, and out the door he goes.

Now, he doesn’t get very far.  First of all, because our door squeaks when it is opened.  As soon as one of us hear the squeaky door we know something is up and bee-line it for the door.  He would have to be fast to get away, and he is, but he has a few obstacles in his way.

The step out of our front door is a wee bit longer than his legs.  He can make it out, but it takes a little bit…or else he falls after a failed attempt.

The second obstacle is the step from the stoop to the sidewalk.  This is even higher than the first obstacle.  I kind of think of these steps as a razor-wire fence that keeps in the prisoners.  However, Ace has no fear and will stop at nothing to scale our prison fences.

Luckily we have not had the little guy get too far yet because we do usually keep the door locked.  Every time we come inside the dead bolt gets thrown.  Ace is very observant and I’m sure he has seen this done thousands of times.

On Christmas Eve, I was at work, and Momma was home with Ace.  She went outside to get something out of her truck and when she went to go back into the house the deadbolt was locked, and standing just behind the smoky glass was Ace…with a shit eating grin I might add.  Momma said he laughed histarically as she fumbled trying to get into the door.   She tried to coax Ace into unlocking the door, but to no avail.

Of course Momma’s keys were inside…and we do not have a spare hidden away outside somewhere for emergencies like this.  Our spare key is at Grandma S’s house.  But, Momma’s cell phone was inside too.

So she went over to the neighbors to call Grandma S.  She was at work.  All of Ace’s uncles were not home either, so she had no spare.

Momma checked all of the down stairs windows, but they were locked.  We used to keep one unlocked for emergencies like this, but we recently had someone break in the house through a window…so they are all locked now.  😀

By now Ace is screaming his head off because he is stuck inside and Momma is stuck outside.  So, Momma starts looking for other ways to get inside and she notices the upstairs windows.

I have an extension ladder out back and so she grabs it, extends it, and luckily one of the upstairs windows were unlocked.  She dives in the window, and falls to the floor (creating some pretty nice size bruises on her legs, I might add), and runs downstairs to rescue her little man from his own demise.

So, you would think that we have learned a lesson and put a spare key outside?  Nope.  I had a few spares made and they are sitting on the dining room table…cause we usually lock ourselves in the dining room, right?  😀

Merry Christmas…from our family to yours!

Family Christmas Pic 2008

Family Christmas Pic 2008

Any Negativity Is Too Much Negativity

So the festivities have begun.  Christmas for us involves trekking hundreds of miles over a period of two weekends.  Grandma H’s house was tonight.  I had to work, so I arrived after dinner and met Momma and Ace there.

Ace unwrapped two or three gifts and then was too busy playing with his toys to unwrap any more.  Grandma and Grandpa H go all out for Christmas.  We had the entire back of Momma’s SUV full of toys and clothes, not to mention part of the back seat.

And it was COLD tonight!

Negeative One Degrees Acording To The Thermometer In My Truck

Negeative One Degrees Acording To The Thermometer In My Truck

The multiple trips from the house to the car was just about more of the negativity than I could take.

We let our vehicles warm up in the driveway for over 20 minutes, and they still were not throwing any hot air when we left!

So what is our plan for the next week?

– Christmas Eve go to Grandma and Grandpa S’s house (For presents only).
– Then stroll a few blocks away to Granny and Pop’s house.
– Early Christmas morning get up and open the presents at our house.
– Still early Christmas morning, drive to Great Grandma W’s house (1.5 hour drive).
– Christmas afternoon drive back to Grandma and Grandpa S’s House for dinner and big family Christmas.  (Another 1.5 hour drive).
– Then on Saturday go back to Grandma and Grandpa S’s House for another small Christmas celebration. (Out of town family coming in)
– And finally on Sunday we go to Grandma O and Grandpa H’s house (another 1.5 hour drive)  for their Christmas celebration.

Oh, by the way…I am working mandatory overtime on Saturday and Sunday, so I wil be doing all of this after working 12+ hours.

How does your Christmas scedule compare?  Is our schedule more hectic than yours?  If not we will trade.  😀


Merry and Happy

Wordless Wednesday: Hangin’ In There…

Wordless Wednesday

Hangin' In There...

Hangin' In There...

Photo taken by Lotz Photograhy during a recent photo shoot with Ace, Momma, and I.
I will post more pictures of this photo shoot soon!

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Are We Keeping You Awake At Night?

Ace Enjoying The Christmas Lights

Ace Enjoying The Christmas Lights

One of the good things about being a Dad (at least that is the excuse I use) is that you get to do some pretty cool stuff…like hang Christmas lights.  Yeah, it’s cool if you like hanging off the edge of the roof, dangling off of a ladder 20 feet in the air, and spendig countless hours going through that strand of lights that doesn’t work because the very last bulb that you decide to check is burned out.  And I can’t help but mention this is all done in the coldest of seasons…Winter.

Now, I’m not bitching.  I really do like to hang Christmas lights.  I take a lot of pride in how the house gets decorated for the Holiday Seasons.

I’ve never been a big fan of colored lights.  My mom always bought the clear bulbs…and so the tradition lives on.  Something about the brightness of a well decorated house sends shivers down my spine…or maybe it is the 20 degree weather these days. 😀

Now, while our house isn’t quite spine shivering worthy, I am proud of the job that I have done.  But, I am sure that the neighbors across the street are going to have to buy some extra thick curtains just to be able to sleep at night. 😀

Ace came outside and ran around the yard tripping on the extension cords strung to and fro, but it was a bit to cold for him being less than two years old…not to mention he is starting to get over a pretty bad cold that I would hate to see return to full strength tomorrow.  Maybe next year he can help hang the lights…now that would be cool!  😀

Christmas Lights on the House

Christmas Lights on the House

Swirly Doo Tree

Swirly Doo Tree

Christmas Star

Christmas Star