The Newest Family Member

I should have made this announcement earlier, but wasn’t real sure if the newest family member was just a phase…or the real thing.  But it looks like Teddy is here to stay…

Teddy is the newest addition to our family.

Teddy is the newest addition to our family.

Ace made Teddy at Build-A-Bear, and I’m betting Ace would consider Teddy to be his best friend.  Ace goes no where without his newest companion!

Ace likes Teddy to be nekkid.  If you have ever been to Build-A-Bear you would know that once you build your bear, you have all sorts of options for clothing…underwear, pants, shoes, shirts, hats, and all sorts of other accessories.

When Momma tried putting clothes on Teddy at the Build-A-Bear store Ace went nuts!  So Teddy is nekkid.  Also, once when Ace had a bad diaper rash and refused to put a diaper back on after Momma took one off, she put a diaper on Teddy to try and convince Ace that even his best friend wears a diaper.  Ace wasn’t having it and cried until Momma took it off.  Teddy is not to be wearing a diaper!!! 😀

Teddy also gets most of Ace’s kisses.  Ace will give Teddy a big hug and kiss him on the nose.   It’s a crowd pleaser almost everywhere we go.  I’ll have to post a video.  It is just too cute.  😀

Teddy has only been around a few months, but Ace has put him through the ringer a time or two.  He has been dragged on almost every dirty surface known to man.  His nose is always saturated with saliva, and he has been puked on numerous times…including last night.

Teddy doesn’t complain.  He doesn’t cry.  He’s just happy to be sitting in Ace’s lap in the carseat or in Ace’s arms at night to go to sleep.

Welcome to our family Teddy!  It looks like you are going to be around for awhile!  😀


  1. KylieM says:

    hehe .. too cute! isn’t it funny when they become so attached to things like that. My eldest had a doll, he absolutely adored her, and once he was left in the car when my mum baby sat, all he did was cry ‘baaaby’ for hours apparently. At 10, I believe that Rebecca (as she later became called) is still in the cupboard, he just cant part with her!

  2. Honeybell says:

    Aww! I love Build a Bear! I wanted to go make my own but Jerry kept laughing at me . . .

  3. Ed (zoesdad) says:

    That is adorable. And good for Ace and his Natural Teddy.

    My kids just have to have the outfits when we go to the Build a Bear. Then they get the damn things home and strip them naked.

  4. Jared says:

    KylieM: Haha! I’m bettin’ Teddy will be a rag by the time Ace is 10. We had Teddy in the laundry in the basement once after he got puked on and Ace saw him. You would have thought the world came to an end because Ace’s buddy was trapped in that basket of clothes. 😀

    Honeybell: That is kinda funny. 😀 You should do it though!

    Ed: Natural Teddy…I like it. 😀 I think the outfits are the costly part aren’t they? Ace is just thrifty. 😀

  5. OM says:

    Obviously the diaper would make the bear more vulnerable. It will slow him down and practically destroy his natural camouflage. Your son knows what he’s doing.

  6. I was a bugger for Teddy bears too.

    I had 2 serious buddies, Teddy and Alf!

    Bloody years I had them.

  7. Jared says:

    OM: Never thought of it that way. Ace is always a few steps ahead of me. 😀

    XBox: You sure you still don’t have them hidden away somewhere? 😀

  8. I swear, the original one, I had since birth, Teddy, he disintegrated after 11 years or so.

    Alf, who I picked up at maybe 7 or 8, still is back at the family home.

    Yes, I’m a saddo.

  9. Jared says:

    XBox: Alright, I belive ya. 😀 I can’t give you too hard a time cause I carried my Blanky around until I was like 10 or so. 😀

  10. Annie says:

    Bear is the best friend of all…….Shhh I still have mine with me n still cuddle him more than to anyone 😉

  11. Kim says:

    We love love love BAB in our house.. and I love that the Teddy has to be nekkid.. bhaha.. too sweet..

    • Jared says:

      Kim: I myslef have never actually been t BAB. It’s a Momma and Ace place. I know they seem to really enjoy themselves. 😀

  12. carol aka lurker says:

    Haha, you never know! If they start talking “coincidentally” about WildLights and vampire kiddies… you’ll know.
    Thanks for commenting 🙂

  13. Bunk says:

    Hey Jared. First time visitor here on the blog, but appreciate the insight I see already. I am a father of 2 myself, one girl and one boy.

    I have yet to do the build a bear thing with either of the kids due to the fact that both would be more into the ‘deconstruct a bear’ idea moreso I belive……but then again, that is just their personality.

    I look forward to more posts from you. Great blog here!

  14. Momo Fali says:

    It sounds like Teddy is well-loved!