Any Negativity Is Too Much Negativity

So the festivities have begun.  Christmas for us involves trekking hundreds of miles over a period of two weekends.  Grandma H’s house was tonight.  I had to work, so I arrived after dinner and met Momma and Ace there.

Ace unwrapped two or three gifts and then was too busy playing with his toys to unwrap any more.  Grandma and Grandpa H go all out for Christmas.  We had the entire back of Momma’s SUV full of toys and clothes, not to mention part of the back seat.

And it was COLD tonight!

Negeative One Degrees Acording To The Thermometer In My Truck

Negeative One Degrees Acording To The Thermometer In My Truck

The multiple trips from the house to the car was just about more of the negativity than I could take.

We let our vehicles warm up in the driveway for over 20 minutes, and they still were not throwing any hot air when we left!

So what is our plan for the next week?

– Christmas Eve go to Grandma and Grandpa S’s house (For presents only).
– Then stroll a few blocks away to Granny and Pop’s house.
– Early Christmas morning get up and open the presents at our house.
– Still early Christmas morning, drive to Great Grandma W’s house (1.5 hour drive).
– Christmas afternoon drive back to Grandma and Grandpa S’s House for dinner and big family Christmas.  (Another 1.5 hour drive).
– Then on Saturday go back to Grandma and Grandpa S’s House for another small Christmas celebration. (Out of town family coming in)
– And finally on Sunday we go to Grandma O and Grandpa H’s house (another 1.5 hour drive)  for their Christmas celebration.

Oh, by the way…I am working mandatory overtime on Saturday and Sunday, so I wil be doing all of this after working 12+ hours.

How does your Christmas scedule compare?  Is our schedule more hectic than yours?  If not we will trade.  😀


Merry and Happy


  1. Kim says:

    brrrrr.. that is cold.. I am shivering over here at a brisk 13 degrees right now..

    Christmas Eve is busy for us..but then I made a rule once we had kids that we stay home for Christmas day and have a pj day all day long so that the boys can play with their toys..

    I hope you guys have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

  2. I will be doing almost as much back and forth as you but the difference is that all the G-rents live withing 15 minutes of our house. So its not a big deal. That along with the fact that after Wednesday I do not have to work until the 3rd… life is good. Good luck with your adventures, with all the back and forth and coldness you will need it.

    Stop by the site, been a while and we miss you. 🙂

  3. Let me see:
    finish work on Christmas Eve,
    go home to wife,
    shut door,
    close curtains,
    pop corks (literal & metaphorical),
    go back to work on January 5th.

  4. Adam says:

    You have me beat on the hectousity of your schedule, but i think i got you on temperature. I spent all day sunday running errands for the pregnant and sick one at -6 and 25 mph winds.

    Not fun!

  5. Lisa says:

    Oh. Wow. Ours is nothing compared to this. That’s crazy! Just a little too busy if you ask me. We have Christmas breakfast in the morning about 5 minutes from our house and then my parents in the afternoon about 45 minutes away. That’s it. Love your blog. I’ll be back.

  6. Momo Fali says:

    You definitely win! That’s hectic! At least the weather is supposed to get warmer tomorrow. Of course, that means rain though.

    Merry Christmas!