Here Fishy Fishy Fishy!

Every time I go fishing, while sitting there waiting for a fish to bite, I always think about the Bert and Ernie episode on Sesame Street from when I was a kid.  I sooo just want to try the infamous fish call.  😀

One thing I have been patiently waiting for is the day that Ace gets old enough to go fishing.  I’m sure he would go now, but I would spend more time keeping him from jumping in the water than actually fishing.  😀

We were walking though the store on day and happened to stroll by the aquariums.  Ace was immediately amazed by the colorful fish he kept pointing and saying “FIIIISSSSHHHH”.  Then he had to grab my finger and pull my over to show me.  From that day forward Ace is hypnotized by fish in an aquarium.

So, when Christmas came, Momma and I just knew what Santa was going to bring Ace.  And Jolly ole’ Saint Nick pulled through for the little guy…

Ace Watching The Fish

Ace Watching The Fish

So, while we can not yet go fishing and try the Bert and Ernie fish call…we have been practicing on the fishies at home.  By the time Ace is old enough to go fishing with me we should have the fish call down pat.  😀

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I’m going to try and link out more often to other interesting things I find on the web including new sites I find, funny posts, or anything I find interesting and think you may enjoy or find useful.  So, here goes my first attempt at “Around The Web” … – Remember Joeprah?  He’s been AWOL for the past few months, but I have recently found out there was a good reason.  He was hard at work making his new site…   Go check it out.  It looks very promising with the ability to create your own profiles, upload images, share videos, create groups, and comment on everything!  Come on over and join the community.  😀

Dude To Dad – Dude To Dad is another group for Dads that I found recently.  You have to check out this site as well.  The reason behind this group site for Dads is to help explain the transition between being just a Dude and growing into a Dad.   My favorite part of the site was the video…Boobs Or Bottles.  😀


  1. Chuck says:

    I took my daughter fishing for the first time this year. She was three and had an absolute blast. I was even able to drown a worm or two between tying knots and baiting hooks.

    Sounds like you have Ace building a good foundation! 🙂

  2. Angel says:

    My little girl loves aquariums, too. You’ll be lucky if you haven’t made Ace a friend to fish thereby insuring he never lets you hook one again once he’s old enough to realize what you’re doing!

    Hopefully he’ll continue to say, “Here Fishy Fishy!” and not, “Fish are friends, not food!” 😉

  3. (F)reddy says:

    I have a totally unreasonable and irrational fear of fishing. I have, I guess you’d call them “fantasies”? “Premonitions”??? of casting my line and when the hook flies past my head it gets stuck in my eye. I just can’t do it. I’m terrified. I also have the same irrational fear of ice skating because I always imagine myself splayed out on the ice, arms and hands fully extended and someone running over my ungloved hands with their razor sharp blades and cutting my fingers off. That’s just how my brain works, I can’t help it.

    We just bought my four year old his very first aquarium (a handy little 1 gallon model!) for getting through his first week of school this year WITHOUT having to go in for a parent/teacher conference to discuss his behavior issues. YAAAY fish.