What Goes Crunch, Crunch, Crunch In The Dark?

Wednesday night we had a really bad storm come through town.  I was driving home from work and had to literally stop on the freeway due to zero visibility with my wipers on hyper speed.  The wind gusts were downright mindshattering.  I was driving my truck (which doubles as a wind sail during storms due to it’s large side profile) and could actally feel the truck lift up when the wind was hitting me head on.  The news said we had near 70 MPH wind gusts!

Anyways, I made it home without blowing away.  I was waiting for one of two things to happen…  the tree in front of our house to fall on our roof, …or the power to go out.  One of the two was inevitable…

So, in the mean time I cooked dinner (Momma was not feeling well).  I made Taco Salad, but I forgot to buy the Taco Seasoning on the way home from work.  So I made the taco salad without the seasoning.  So really it was hamburger and chili bean salad…tasted about as good as it sounds. 😆

I set up Ace’s chair in the living room and gave Ace a plate with some hamburger and beans, but he would have nothing to do with it.  I don’t blame him…it was gross, but I could not let a whole pound of hamburger go to waste, so I ate it anyways. 🙂

I gave Ace a handful of potato chips to keep him busy until I could get back with ole’ faithful…a hot dog.  This kid is going to turn into a hot dog if we are not careful. 😀

Of course all the hot dogs were frozen, so I put one on the microwave for two minutes to thaw and cook it real quick.  The microwave beeped when it was done, and I pressed the button to open the microwave door….


All the power in our house went out.  My first thought was “Where the hell is Ace?”  I could just see him getting scared, running to find me, and falling and hurting himself on the corner of some piece of furniture.   “He is probably freaking out right about now!”,  I think to myself.  Then I remembered he was strapped into his chair. 

 So I start making my way into the living room, tripping over toys and cussing under my breath the whole way. 😆

I get to the living room and can not remember where I set up his chair.  Was it on the left or right side of the couch?  Remember it was pitch black.   I could not see anything. 

I called Ace’s name, but he did not make a peep.  So I start slowly making my way through the living room with my arms outstretched feeling for his chair, head, arms, whatever.  And then I hear it…

“Crunch, crunch, crunch.”

“What the hell is that?” I say to myself.

“Crunch, crunch, crunch.”

I make my way towards the noise and find Ace sitting there in the pitch black room, strapped to his chair, still enjoying his potato chips…just crunching away like nothing ever happened.

Paranoid Dad much?  😳

The Blanky – 10 Magical Powers

The blanky is a magical parenting tool.  It is THE cure-all of all cure-alls.  Why is a blanky such a magical thing?  It can do almost everything…

  1. The Blanky can make the pain from all boo-boos vanish!
  2. The Blanky can absorb those tears just like it absorbs the pain.
  3. The Blanky is a makeshift pillow for unexpected nap times
  4. The Blanky will keep you warm when it gets a bit chilly
  5. The Blanky will give you the ability to fly when tied around your neck like a cape!
  6. The Blanky is the perfect for hiding behind during games of peek-a-boo.
  7. The Blanky seconds as a teething device when no teething devices are on hand.
  8. The Blanky will soften your fall when you use it as a parachute when jumping down the stairs.
  9. The Blanky will make you drive all the way back to Grandma’s house because it is impossible to sleep without it.
  10. The Blanky can do all of these magical things, no matter how many mud puddles it got drug through, no matter how much slobber it has absorbed, no matter how much puke/milk/mashed potatoes are crusted on it, and no matter how bad the friggin’ thing smells.  😀

So do your children have something “magical”?  Share in the comments…

I Didn’t Do It!

Wordless Wednesday

I Didn't Do It!

I Didn't Do It!

(Click the pic for a quick description of what happened.)

(Non) Sleep Study

I went last night and did the sleep study that my doc recommended, but I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep.  😀  Maybe it had something to do with the 30 wires, sensors, and probes that joined me for my slumber…

Sleep Study Plug-N-Play

Sleep Study Plug-N-Play

 It took about a half an hour to get connected, then I could do whatever I wanted and go to sleep whenever I wanted.  So, I got out my laptop like any good blogger would do and realized there was not an outlet to plug into and also no available wireless connection.  Shucks!

So, I got out my web cam and took these photographs before my battery ran out of juice. (Check out my fancy $15 PJs that will never get worn again.)

All Connected For My Sleep Study

All Connected For My Sleep Study

All Connected For My Sleep Study (Side View)

All Connected For My Sleep Study (Side View)

My other alternative was watch TV with the other lab rats, read a Readers Digest from 1997, or go to sleep.  I opted for a little shut eye.  😀

This room was dark…haunted house dark!  Where was the TV and the glow from the street lights that I have grown accustomed to?  The only light was from an Infrared Flood light above the door.  It was a very faint red glow that I could barely see, but would allow the sleep technicians to watch my every move using an infrared camera.  Ever wake up feeling like someone is watching you sleep?  Try waking up knowing someone is watching you sleep.  😀

What bad habits do I have at night when I am sleeping?  What do I scratch?  What bodily functions do I lose control of? (They did have a microphone in the room too. )

Maybe all of these thoughts running through my head, plus the wires, plus the fact that I could not get comfortable, plus the fact that I can not remember the last time I had worn more than my underwear to bed…is why I did not sleep well.

So, morning came after what seemed like 12 hours of lying in a dark room.  The technician said that I might have a mild to moderate sleep breathing disorder (I guess I actually did sleep some)…but the doctor will make that call and let me know next week.

Until then I am going to sleep in my own bed, with no wires/sensors/probes, with the TV on, scratching whatever I want whenever I want, and doing it all stark naked if I feel like it.  😀

January 2009: A Month In Review

Whew….2009 is 1/12 th over already, didn’t it just begin?

January was a good month for me.  We got a lot done and had some real fun with friends and family, most of which I did not have time to put on DadThing.

But the things that did make it on DadThing were pretty spectacular in my opinion…

We had our pictures taken before Christmas and I was able to post some of the digitals online for you all to see.  Which one was your favorite?  I really liked the ones where Ace was feeding the coy… 😀

And since we are talking about fish, we finally got Ace’s fish tank up and running.  I have been practing the Bert and Ernie fish call and am waiting for spring to really try it out on some fish in the wild.   The fish in our tank gotta do what I say…I feed them sometimes.  😀

And The Ball Pit Experiment…so it has been about 15 days.  45 more to go.  What do you think we’ll find in there?  To be honest, I haven’t even peeked.  Will we be in shock from what we find, or relieved when we find nothing?  😀

And I shared my thoughts about how I might have to sleep for now on.  Thanks to everyone for their support!

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