The Blanky – 10 Magical Powers

The blanky is a magical parenting tool.  It is THE cure-all of all cure-alls.  Why is a blanky such a magical thing?  It can do almost everything…

  1. The Blanky can make the pain from all boo-boos vanish!
  2. The Blanky can absorb those tears just like it absorbs the pain.
  3. The Blanky is a makeshift pillow for unexpected nap times
  4. The Blanky will keep you warm when it gets a bit chilly
  5. The Blanky will give you the ability to fly when tied around your neck like a cape!
  6. The Blanky is the perfect for hiding behind during games of peek-a-boo.
  7. The Blanky seconds as a teething device when no teething devices are on hand.
  8. The Blanky will soften your fall when you use it as a parachute when jumping down the stairs.
  9. The Blanky will make you drive all the way back to Grandma’s house because it is impossible to sleep without it.
  10. The Blanky can do all of these magical things, no matter how many mud puddles it got drug through, no matter how much slobber it has absorbed, no matter how much puke/milk/mashed potatoes are crusted on it, and no matter how bad the friggin’ thing smells.  😀

So do your children have something “magical”?  Share in the comments…


  1. KylieM says:

    I am not sure my sons blanky was quite as magical as Ace’s! But at 10, almost 11, still has his blanky. It doesn’t come out often but he wont part from it!

  2. (F)reddy says:

    My oldest son has a magic Spiderman pillow that does all these things, and more. The crazy thing, is it was his (other) daddy’s magical Spiderman pillow when HE was a kid. The younger son has a magical high pitched scream that can shatter glass within a 1/2 mile radius lately.

  3. (F)reddy says:

    Sadly the pillow is hanging on by a thread. It’s going to be a compelte and total devestation the day it falls apart. For both of them, I’m sure.

  4. New-Dad-Blog says:

    I had a magical green blanky that solved all of life’s problems. Then when we moved it was “lost”.

    Truth was the evil stepmother threw it away because she “thought it was time”. Devastating!

  5. My boy had “bear-bear” who had those magical powers. Unfortunately, he got lost in a McD’s looong ago. A tragic end for a truly magical friend. But he was quickly replaaced by the newer, bigger “BEAR”
    He’s had it ever since – still keeps it around – and he’s in Jr. High (my son, not BEAR). BEAR still provides comfort during Flu season.

  6. Craig says:

    My 6 year old has her blankly since birth. It has all the power you listed. Unfortunately, it’s on it’s way to blankly heaven. We have been preparing her for the inevitable…

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