It’s Lock Down Time!

Ace and I were outside enjoying the nice weather we’ve been having lately.  He was playing in his sandbox, on his swing-set, kickin’ his ball…ya know all the fun outside stuff a kid does.

I, on the other hand was cleaning up the crap that had somehow managed to blow from everyone else’s yard into ours over the past few Winter months.  I then started to pull some of the weeds that had taken over our flower beds.

This whole time Ace was happy playing in the very back of the yard which is completely fenced in.  Soon he ventured up toward the house and was playing on the deck.  I was working near the deck and could see Ace in plain site.

I turned around to gather up some crap out of the yard.  When I turned back around, less than 30 seconds later…Ace was not in sight.

I stood up and could not see the little booger head anywhere…

Ya see he has had this fetish for the driveway lately…the only un-fenced section of the yard.  He wants to exit the back yard and venture into the wilderness of the driveway and front yard.

I got up and ran to the driveway hoping to see Ace toddling not to far from me, but he was not in sight.  “Shit!  Where did he go!”  I ran out front…looked left….looked right…nothing.

I ran back to the back yard and made sure I did not somehow miss him if he was hiding behind the pool, or hiding behind the slide of the swingset.  Nothing…the kid was GONE!

My vocabulary at the moment had been reduced to…”Shit! F#&%! Shit! F#$@!”

I ran back out front again to have another look.  I went around to the other side of the house…looked up and down the street…nothing.  My chest felt heavy, yet my heart was racing.

“Momma is going to kill me!”  (My vocabulary suddenly gained 6 words.)

I ran out back to look one more time…and there he is…coming out of the damn shed all happy and giddy.  Looking up at the birds in the trees out back…just happy to be outside.

It’s no wonder I’m losing my hair and turning Grey at a rapid rate!  😀

Guess what I did the very next weekend…

There will be no escaping on Daddy's watch!

There will be no escaping on Daddy's watch!

I built a gate!  There will be no escaping on Daddy’s watch!  😀

Why We Get Along So Well…

I Like The Skins...and Ace Doesn'tI Like The Skins…and Ace Doesn’t

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The Big Birthday Party!

Last year Ace had a big birthday party because it was, well,  his 1st birthday. 😀

This year was not an exception.  His party had quite a good turn out!

Last year there wasn’t really a theme, other then “Blue for Boy”.  This year the theme was “Fire Trucks“! 

Even though the themes of the two parties were not the same there seemed to be some similarities…

Cool Birtday Cakes:

Last Years Cake

Firetruck Birthday Cake
This Years Fire Truck Birtday Cake

Messy Cake Eating:

Last Years Messy Cake Eating

Messy Cake Eating - 2nd Birthday
This Years…Less Messy Cake Eating.  Notice he is actually using the correct end of the silware this year.  😀

Funny Hats:

Grandpa's Funny Hat
Last Year: Grandpa S’s Funny Hat

Momma's Fireman Hat
This Year: Momma’s Funny Fireman Hat

Uncle Charlie's FIreman Hat
This Year: Uncle Charlie’s Funny Fireman Hat

Overall the party was a success.  Thank you Momma for throwing such a good party!

What will next years birthday party bring?  😀

It’s that time of year again….March for Babies!

Hello everyone…it’s been quite a while since my last post…although I have been following several secretly, so I thought I would mention it’s that time of year again!

March of Dimes is having their annual March for Babies (formerly WalkAmerica) and I have decided to participate again this year! Last year several readers/stalkers were responsible for helping me reach my goal so this year I have doubled what I did last year! My hope is this year to earn $250 for March of Dimes and to pray that one day all babies will be born healthy!

If you are able and willing to help please donate via the following link, and if you can’t due to your personal economic crisis I understand just pray for nice weather that day! You never know about an April in Ohio!!!

Two Birds and an Egg…

Momma went to Grandma’s house today to get ready for Ace’s big birthday party tomorrow, so it was a guys house today.  Me and Ace doing what guys do best…a whole lotta nothing.  😀

Nah, we did more than nothing.  We spent most of the afternoon outside swinging on the swingset, throwing the ball, and playing in the sandbox.  We went for a walk and watched the birds sing back by the creek.  It was a great Dad/Son boding day…

After dinner I gave Ace a bath and then started to read him a story before bedtime.  The book was about two birds that found an egg in their nest…it was not their egg, but they decided to sit on it anyways.

About three pages into the book Ace got up off my lap and ran over and started playing with one of his toys.  Yup, the book was soooo exciting that even a two year old lost interest after three pages…

But guess who kept on reading…to himself.  You guessed it.  I found myself so mystified by what actually might be in that egg that I kept reading the book to myself…out loud and all energetic like I was reading to Ace.

As I flipped through the pages of the book in suspense of what was in the egg I thought to myself…”Why the hell are you still reading this?”…but, I couldn’t stop.

Maybe it’s an overdose of Moose and Zee, the Backyardigans, Dora, and Pinky Dinky Doo that have brought my judgment on what is entertaining to an all time low.   You ever found yourself excited when Wonder Pets comes on the TV so that you can sing along with the song?  Please say yes… 😀