Happy 2nd Birthday Ace!

Two years ago today Ace made his first appearance in this world.  It’s amazing how fast time flies…can it really be two years already?

Momma is sad that her little baby…is not so much of a baby anymore.  I am excited that my little boy is becoming…well, a little boy.  😀

So, what has happened in Ace’s 2nd year?  A whole lot…

Ace has figured out that the world extends much farther than the walls of our home.  The boy loves to be outside, at the park, riding on the mowerswimming in the pool, swinging on the swingset, or at the zoo

He no longer fits in the kitchen sink for bath time, so we had to actually finish installing the bath tub in our upstairs bathroom.  He has some foam letters that float in the bath tub, and at only two years old, he can tell you what every single letter is…both upper and lower case.   (He’s a genius)  😀

Ace spent his summer going new places and doing new things.  Remember going to COSI, doing the chicken dance on the field at Cooper Stadium, going to Iowa for vacation, and swimming at the beach?  We had a blast last summer…

Not everything last year was cheerful and happy though.  We had to put down our family dog, Buddy.  And after trying for 11 months, we got pregnant, and then mis-carried.  Ace was young enough that he wasn’t really affected though, which is a good thing.   

Last fall Ace drank his last bottle, went to his first fly-in and demo derby, went to Circle-S-Farms, and dressed up like a Vampire for trick-or-treat.

Winter time brought on Wildlights at the Zoo, an amazing Christmas, a new fish tank, and locking Momma out of the house.  😀

So what will next year bring?  So far we have a two week vacation planned at the end of summer, which I’m sure will provide some good blog fodder.  Other than that I’m sure there will be some more mower riding, swimming, playing, and hopefully….some potty training!  😀

Ace’s birthday party is planned for this weekend, and I know of at least one present he is getting that will get some exposure time here on DadThing.  Stay tuned to hear all about his newest big boy toy!  😀


  1. wow. time flies.

    cant believe its 2 years.

    happy birthday wee man.

  2. Amber says:


  3. Grandpa S says:

    Bob’s for pancakes. And his Momma is making him noodles for dinner. Happy Birthday little man.

  4. Gramndma S says:

    Well Dad, he’s a big boy now!I did notice that he actually is beginning to talk,it’s amazing that it only took a Birthday to change his maturity level just like that. He’s going to be the child that goes from grunting to sentences, none of that one word communicating.
    Jumping straight to sentences.He really is a mister smarty pants,but he’s still grandma’s baby.

  5. (F)reddy says:

    Man, I hate to have to say what I’m getting ready to say here…but it only goes so much faster the older they get. I know mine are only “almost 5” and 3 right now…, but when the 4 year old actually started “big boy school”, I had chest pains thinking about how much little time I have with him until he no longer needs me. Enjoy every.friggin’.second.