The Big Birthday Party!

Last year Ace had a big birthday party because it was, well,  his 1st birthday. 😀

This year was not an exception.  His party had quite a good turn out!

Last year there wasn’t really a theme, other then “Blue for Boy”.  This year the theme was “Fire Trucks“! 

Even though the themes of the two parties were not the same there seemed to be some similarities…

Cool Birtday Cakes:

Last Years Cake

Firetruck Birthday Cake
This Years Fire Truck Birtday Cake

Messy Cake Eating:

Last Years Messy Cake Eating

Messy Cake Eating - 2nd Birthday
This Years…Less Messy Cake Eating.  Notice he is actually using the correct end of the silware this year.  😀

Funny Hats:

Grandpa's Funny Hat
Last Year: Grandpa S’s Funny Hat

Momma's Fireman Hat
This Year: Momma’s Funny Fireman Hat

Uncle Charlie's FIreman Hat
This Year: Uncle Charlie’s Funny Fireman Hat

Overall the party was a success.  Thank you Momma for throwing such a good party!

What will next years birthday party bring?  😀


  1. Gramndma S says:

    I’m sure some kind of hat will be in the picture somewhere.

  2. Everyone but Ace is wearing a hat!

    The cake looks great. Love the firefighter theme.

    • Jared says:

      @Elliott – 21st Century Dad:
      Ace is anti-hat all the way. The kids ears damn near froze off over the winter. 😀

  3. Honeybell says:

    Those cakes are AMAZING! (Ace is awfully darned cute too.)

  4. BusyDad says:

    Happy birthday, cool dude!! I’m not sure what next year will bring, but make sure each year’s cake gets bigger because pretty soon you’ll want it big enough so a person (oh, I don’t know, maybe someone wearing, oh I don’t know… let’s say like something to swim in?) can pop out of it. I’m still waiting for mine.

    • Jared says:

      I’m still waiting too. 😀 Maybe in about 16 years we’ll surprise him with a bikini clad cake decoration. 😀

  5. (F)reddy says:

    This years cake most definitely better! Great pics. Happy birthday, Ace.

  6. Angela says:

    Happy Late Birthday Ace! I am just now catching up on the page!!
    I loved Aces cake!! Amazing!! Momma looks great and Ace is getting so big!! Love you all!

  7. I just love those dirty face photos of young kids. Our youngest is now 2 and at his parties we have had such a laugh at the state of his face after the cake eating. Those cakes are very impressive, keep up the good parenting!

  8. well having different themes a year is so surprising.. last year was blue for boy.. this year will be fire trucks.. i’m wondering whats the next…

  9. boy mom says:

    My son is having a fire truck birthday party this year. In searching for pics of a cake to make I ran across yours. I absolutely love it. Would you mind telling me where you got the fire truck and dalmations? Thanks for your help!

  10. amanda says:

    my son will be 3 in november and his theme is firetruck’s i so would love to have this cake can i get it anywhere?

  11. Jennifer says:

    I just love your fire truck-themed cake! My son turns two this week, and for his party we’re doing the same theme…I’d love to replicate your cake! What cake pan sizes did you use? I have a 12in 9in and 8in round…but none of these combos seem to look right. If you wouldn’t mind getting back to me with the size pans you used, I’d really appreciate it.


  12. Tricia says:

    Saw your cake on the firefighter theme and I was wondering if you could tell me where you got the accessories (truck, dalmatians..etc to accent the cake) and is it all butter cream icing? Thanks