What Happens At Grandma’s House…

Looks like Ace has moved up in the world.  No longer does he need to wait for me to pull out the ole’ junky John Deere to cruise around the yard.  He just goes to his Grandma H’s house and rides his very own…

Ace's John Deere

And he looks like a pro…

Ace Cruising On His John Deere Mower

If only he could figure out how to push the pedal to make it go.  Bending over pushing the pedal with your hand while making laps around the yard will reek havoc on your back…so we found an old walking cane. 

Not for me to be able to walk afterwords, but to be able to reach the pedal while standing somewhat upright.  😀

When we got tired of mowing, we moved on to ole’ faithful…playing with rocks.

These Are Some Big Rocks

What is so amazing about rocks?  Anyone?  I wish I knew.

And when rocks are not fun anymore…making a mess is.  Especially when that mess includes an old sandbox full of rain water that the dog has been bathing in and drinking out of for the past week…water, dirt, dog hair, dog spit, grass clippings, and one wet Ace…


So what happens at Grandma’s house doesn’t necessarily stay at Grandma’s house…when Dad has a camera.  😀

Free Enfamil and Enfamil Coupons

Free Enfamil

We got a few of these free Enfamil samples in the mail, and since Ace does not drink formula anymore, I figured I would offer them here for free.

I have one sample can of Enfamil Lipil and one sample can of Enfamil Next Step Lipil.  They both have never been opened and expire in 2010.

I also have three coupons that expire June 30, 2009.  I am offering these for free as well:

  • $5 Off Enfamil Next Step
  • $4 Off Enfamil Next Step
  • $5 Off Enfamil Lipil

Leave a comment stating which items you could use, and I will mail them out as soon as possible.


  1. Orlund says:

    I love to drink formula. Just kidding. Actually I want to say I a very jealous of the your son, I would have loved to have a little John Deer when I was his age.

    (honestly, I can’t use the formula)

    • Jared says:

      @Orlund: I am jealous of him too. 😀 I always wanted a battery powered ride on toy, but I always had to pedal. 😀

  2. DaddyKV says:

    I never had a tractor but I did have a jeep. I rode it EVERYWHERE. We actually had to buy a new set of wheels for it. Great times are in his future for sure.

    As for the food …mommy provides all BabyKV needs 🙂

  3. Apparently I was fascinated with rocks when I was small child too – I’m told that I used to love lifting the biggest ones I could above my head. Unfortunately, I over did it and had to have hernia operation when I was five, so you do have to be a bit careful!

  4. April Buscemi says:

    I would like to get your coupons if you still have them and not yet expired. It will be really appreciated.

    I have a 9 month old boy.

    Your son is adorable, btw 😀

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