Now Ya See Me, Now Ya See Me With Only One Eye

Ace is rough.  He does not play nice…sometimes.  He does not think twice about smacking the shit out of you, or kicking you in the nads when you are holding him, or pulling your hair (if you have any), or….poking your eye out!

You heard me right…poking your eye out!

Momma and Ace were playing on the floor and Momma took a fingernail to the eyeball.  She said it hurt like hell, but we both kinda hoped that it would be better in the morning.

Actually it got worse.  I came home from work at lunch to find Momma with an eye that was nearly swollen shut and bloodshot like she had been in one hell of a bar fight the night before.

I drove her and the eye poking two year old to the eye doctor where Momma was given some eye drops and told to keep her eyes closed as much as possible.

She spent the rest of the day resting lying on the couch with gauze taped to her orbit.

But while it is easy to get upset with Ace when he gets rough like this, you just can’t stay that way very long.

I mean, how can you feel anything negative at a face like this?

Cute Face


  1. Wow, looks like you got a bruiser (no pun intended). Our daughter is a little rough and tumble but I wonder if it is the boy factor. I’m guessing I will find out here sooner or later with our littlest one. – Jason

  2. Momo Fali says:

    Nope. You can’t resist that face!

    That’s exactly how I feel about our new puppy right now. We’re all walking around with bite marks and scratches…but, she’s so darn cute!

  3. Brian says:

    Ouch! This makes me even more happy I have a gentle little 3-year-old GIRL! She wouldn’t DREAM of doing such a thing… yet. Of course, that may change when she tries to go on her first date and daddy puts surveillance on her and whatever one-track-minded boy decides to court her. I’ll be sure to wear protective goggles when I tell her she can’t date until she’s 25, in order to protect my own ‘orbits.’ LOL (just kidding) Hope mommy’s eye feels better soon! 🙂

  4. hairstyles1 says:

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