The Village

It’s been pretty hot here lately.  Somewhere around 90 degrees every day…and 98 degrees in our house!

Yup, our air conditioner took a big ole crap!  Why do these things break when they are needed the most?

And on top of that Ace came down with strep throat.  When he’s feeling good…he is lying around.  When he is feeling bad, he needs to be held.

I can barely stand the heat just sitting here by myself, let alone holding a 100 degree, crying, 25 lb boy!

So, we’ve been staying at Grandma’s house (which has AC) until the parts for our AC unit come in and I have time to install them.  😀

It really does take a village sometimes… 😀

One Comment

  1. OM says:

    I can’t wait for summer, and then it’s here and I can’t leave the house because just looking at the sun drains my spirit. Can you imagine people used to hunt mammoths in this kind of heat? Or was that during the ice age?