Daddy Is A Dum Dum

daddy is a dum dum

That’s right Ace…sometimes your Daddy is a Dum Dum.  Let me tell you why…

I try…I try to be a good guy.  I try to help others.  I’m not big on charity.  I’m not big on donations…mostly because you have no idea what that money is going towards.

I usually give the homeless guy at the gas station a quarter.  I usually give that guy who claims to have run out of gas my pocket change.  I do it even though I am pretty sure that they are full of shit up to their ears and are going to go smoke my money in a few minutes.   I give them the benefit of the doubt.

Today we pulled into a CVS parking lot and some normal looking guy comes walking up to us asking for help.  This guy looked like he was in trouble.  He was drenched in sweat and out of breath.  He looked like he was seriously worried about something.

He said that his car broke down a few blocks away and was asking for help to get home.  He said his wife and kids were in the car waiting and that he would gladly take me over to see them to prove it.  He said that he had called for a taxi but it was too much money.  He needed $38 dollars for the cab ride.

I asked him where he was going…and I knew that the cab ride there was just about $40 bucks (I did it a few years back when I was stranded).

He told me to write down my phone number and once he got home to his other car he would call me and meet me at the CVS to pay me back.

My instinct told me to say “No” and move on with my life, but the good guy in me said “Just give him the money…it is only $40 bucks.”

What if this was me, Momma, an Ace.  If I was seriously stranded somewhere without my wallet and no way to get home I would hope that someone would help us out.

I mean seriously…even if the guy takes my money and runs, I have wasted $40 plenty of times.  This would be just another one of those times.

So, I pulled out my wallet and gave him $40 bucks.

The guy shook my hand, looked me in the eyes, thanked me, and said that he would call me as soon as he got home to set up a time to pay me back.

Well, that was about 5 hours ago and my phone still has not rang…and my wallet is still short $40.

(Short pause while I kick myself)

So where did I screw up?  Did I screw up for helping the guy?  Did I screw up for giving him money?

This is a public announcement to all homeless, beggars, people with broke down cars, people who have ran out of gas, people who ask for money of any kind from me…you are SOL.  I will never give out a single penny again to anyone who asks for it.  You want a sandwich?  You want a gallon of gas?  You need the tire changed on your car?  I’ll do those things for you.   But I will never give anyone another penny.

I don’t mind helping people when they need it, but it really pisses me off to be taken advantage of.

So how many licks does it take to get to the center of this Tootsie Pop?  About $40 worth… 🙂


  1. Dad of Divas says:

    I have been suckered before as well and I second guessed myself the one ride home, but I set it aside and said that I hopefully did something good for someone that day. Did the person go and use the money for something else, but maybe, just maybe, they were being truthful and needed you and you were the only one who was willing to step forward to assist…you never know.
    .-= Dad of Divas´s last blog ..Take Back Your Family Review and Giveaway =-.

    • Jared says:

      @DadOfDivas: True…I will never know. I think that is the part that bothers me so much. But, oh well it was 40 bucks…hopefully he got his moneys worth…of whatever he bought 😀
      .-= Jared´s last blog ..Daddy Is A Dum Dum =-.

  2. DaddyKV says:

    I have only given money out like this one time and it was change that was in the cup holder to a guy that “needed gas”. It was only about three dollars and like you said hopefully he did the right thing with it. Its him that will have to sleep at night knowing that he rips people off. I can sleep well knowing that I am a kinda and compassionate giver.

    On the flip side. I normally trust no one and would never give out money, but this was a scary situation in a remote gas station at night with no one else around. Luckily it ended with just me giving three dollars away.

    Im like you. There are plenty of opportunities where you can make a buck here and there that begging and stealing is not necessary.
    .-= DaddyKV´s last blog ..Fatherhood Friday: We love you. =-.

    • Jared says:

      @DaddyKV: Yup, I was the same way til I moved to the city. But now it is so common for me to be asked for change, that if I gave everyone some…I would be broke.
      .-= Jared´s last blog ..Daddy Is A Dum Dum =-.

  3. Amber says:

    You know…it is only becasuse you have a good heart. Once you cool off and think about it….I bet you would do it again.

  4. cathy says:

    Being a good MAN doesn’t make you a DumDum Daddy it means you’ll be teaching your son to be compassionate and caring, though he may never remember you doing that, I’m sure he’ll hear of it someday and know that he has propped you up on that pedistal for a good man that he knows you are.Chalk it up to a lesson learned.

  5. Susie says:

    I hope you cross paths with that guy again one day and kick his ass!
    .-= Susie´s last blog ..Montaña De Oro =-.

    • Jared says:

      @Susie: I have been keeping my eyes open for him. I don’t know what I would do if I saw hm, but I think I would definitely confront him about it. It is a part of town that we frequently go… 😀
      .-= Jared´s last blog ..Daddy Is A Dum Dum =-.

  6. Kim says:

    I have done this.. except the female ran out of gas and they were pushing baby strollers.. only to bump into one of them again at another store and she was selling the same story.. I felt silly but to tell the truth..I would do it again, because you just never know.. but some people just use other people.. and to them I say..Karma is a “bleep”
    .-= Kim´s last blog ..Weekly Winners – Lake George Style =-.

    • Jared says:

      @Kim: Now see I would really fall for that one…a lady with kids in strollers. Wow…that is bad! You are right…Karma…he’ll pay greatly for that $40 someday and hopefully I will eventually get it back plus some. 😀
      .-= Jared´s last blog ..Daddy Is A Dum Dum =-.

  7. Chris says:

    It sucks to see someone get taken advantage of. Atleast the karma is in your favor though.

    Can’t say that I would be as nice as you were to give a stranger $40 so kudos to you!
    .-= Chris´s last blog ..Packing the Hospital Bag =-.

  8. BusyDad says:

    This is why I only give money to the guy with the “Why lie? I need money for beer” sign. You know where the money is going. It’s for a good cause (good is a relative term, heh), and you know the guy has a sense of humor.

    I hope you find that dude and knee him in the face.
    .-= BusyDad´s last blog ..When Left To My Own Devices… =-.

  9. Honeybell says:

    I decided long ago that when $ leaves my pocket, it’s gone forever. “Yeah, yeah, you’ll pay me back, whatever.”

    That way I’m not disappointed when people turn out to be jerks.

    Well. I’m depressed now.

    .-= Honeybell´s last blog ..Killing The Fun =-.

  10. Rob O. says:

    I’m with you on this! I’ll give someone a ride, buy ’em lunch, lend them my cell phone (in a pinch) – but no cash.

    And I maintain that stance even with good friends. I’ll let ya borrow my car before I’ll loan you money. Now, if we’re talking about spotting somebody for lunch or a fiver to pick up some milk on the day before payday, maybe…
    .-= Rob O.´s last blog ..Five Little Monkeys With a Tragic Ending =-.