Happy Birthday Momma!

momma-throwing-highSeptember is a month of celebration in our household.  Between our anniversary, the blogiversary, and Momma’s birthday we usually get to go out to dinner, usually the bar, and I get to have 3 easy blog post topics.  😀

So, today is Momma’s birthday.  She is *cough* twenty-nine *cough*.  No, really she is!  And she will probably remain this age for the rest of her life.   Isn’t that how most women do it?  😀

Tonight, Momma is having a Girls Only party for a few hours (and so that means, by default, the guys get a Guys Only party too). 

Then later, we are all going out on the town together to do some bar hoppin’…consume more (insert your poison of choice) than we probably should…get a little bit crazy…probably indulge in some bad dancing…and if all works out we’ll stumble our sweaty, crunk, giggling selves to our hotel rooms before they start spinning for the night.  😀

So, here’s to my wonderful wife…the stay-at-home mother of our child…Momma! 

Happy Birthday Momma!  Put your party hat on…tonight is gonna be fun!

PS:  And a special “Thank You” goes out to Grandma S for babysitting for the night!  😀

100% Boy…

Wordless Wednesday

100% Boy


Happy Blogiversary!

I was so busy recovering from vacation, that I totally forgot to celebrate my blogiversary!  That’s right, DadThing is now two years old!

In celebration, I will list some of my favorite posts from the past two years:

And I will also list the blogs that have sent the most traffic my way.  You have to check them all out…they are the best of the best!


30dayAnd if you are not tired of clicking liks yet, please click on over to Dad Of Divas and sign up for his 30 Days To Better Parenting series!

OBX – The Outer Banks

We spent the last week of our vacation in Duck, NC.  We (PaPa, Grandma, Uncle Charlie, Uncle Mike, Livi Shea, Ace, Momma, and I) rented a beach house about 500 ft from the beach…our little home away from home…

Ace and Livi

We were greeted in NC by Hurricane Bill with large bone crushing waves and high winds, but everything calmed down by the third day.

We did not do a whole lot there (isn’t that the point of going to the beach?). 

Ace, A.K.A. FishBoy, and Olivia had never seen the ocean before so they were in complete amazement when the waves would crash down and roll over their feet…

Ace and Livy Playing In The Ocean

We went on a Dolphin Cruise where we took a relaxing boat ride out into the sound and saw live dolphins in the wild… Did you know that wild dolphins have pink bellies?  Me neither…

Dolphins In The Wild

The Dolphin Cruise was a sunset cruise, so we got to see the sunset…it was breath taking to see the sun set over the water…

The Sunset Over The Water

And the skies after the sun set were equally as eye cathcing…notice the moon peeking it’s head out into the daylight…

Beautiful Skies

As fun as the dolphin cruise was, nothing beats playing on the beach.  Of course someone has to be buried…

Buried Alive

…and sand castles have to be constructed with precsion…

Sand Castle

We even got to experience the beach at early morning and at night.  At night the crabs run wild.  We went down with our flashlights and chased the crabs across the sand back into the water.  Those little buggers can scoot!

We got up early one morning to watch the sunrise.  I have never in my life took time to sit down and watch the sunrise.  I mean, I’ve seen it rise while driving to work, and I’ve been outside when it has risen, but to sit and watch it’s every move is something that I will have to try and do more often.  The view was overwhelming…

Sunrise On The Beach

All in all we had a fantasic time!  It had to be one of the most fun two weeks that we have ever had.  Momma is already busy planning next years vacation…

Jared and Momma On The Dolphin Cruise