DadThing Is Healthy Again!

So, yesterday Google reported DadThing as an attack site.   Yeah, real viscious isn’t it! 😀

This is probably the third time in the past year that DadThing has been hacked.  I’m getting pretty good at fixing it now.  The first two times it was obvious.  If you would view the HTML you would see an encrypted JavaScript being ran in the background.  I had to remove this code from about 100 files throughout the WordPress core.   But this last time I’m not real sure what Google considered malware.

I removed all of the little widgets and chicklets to random sites that promise to send you traffic…cause they weren’t working any ways!  I removed an ad that I added the day before, and I removed a bunch of questionable links left by commenters.

I submitted my site to Google for review around lunch time and 12 hours later DadThing is reported as a friendly site again.  (Click for proof)  Hip Hip Hooray!

So, now back to the regularly scheduled (or not so regularly scheduled) content…  😀

DadThing Hacked!

Hello loyal readers!

It looks as though was hacked and is now being reported as an “Attack Site”!

I have went through all of the code on the site and removed any suspicious code, widgets, and links.  DadThing has been submitted for review to remove the label of Attack Site.

I will post again, when the coast is clear!

Thanks again for your patience!


A Stress Reliever…

I drove three hours to Cleveland today to fix some machinery.  That’s what I do.  If you follow me on Facebook, you see my updates every now and again from different parts of the country…fixing machinery.

It is very stressful.  If they call me in to fix the machine there has many times been two or three other people before me that couldn’t. 

Traveling, long hours, tough problems, businesses losing money because their equipment is not running, and it is all on my shoulders to make this large machine do it’s job once again.  I am the last defense.

Well, today I was stressed out because I was waiting for UPS to arrive with the part I needed to fix this particular problem.  It was delaying me by a couple hours already and I really wanted to get out of there and start that three hour drive home, so that I could sleep in my bed tonight…not a hotels. 

My cell phone rang.  The caller ID said it was from our house phone.

I answered, “Hello?” All I heard was silence…

“Heeelllooo?”, I said.

And then plain as day I hear, “Hi Daddy! (Click)” 

I call our house back and Momma answers the phone.  I asked her if she just called me and handed the phone to Ace to say “Hi”, and she said “No?”.

Momma has tried and tried and tried to get Ace to say “Hi Daddy!” over the phone when I am out of town for work, and he never does.  He listens for a while and then starts pushing buttons. 😀

And today?  He picked up the phone and called me all by himself…just to say “Hi Daddy!”

Yup.  Today was a good day.  😀

Social Networking For Two Year Olds

We do not know any other parents with kids Ace’s age.  All of our friends either have 4-5 year olds or babies.  No toddlers.

So, Ace has really been deprived of interacting with other children his age.  Do they have a Facebook for toddlers?  He is an only child (although we have been working hard to change that, just no luck yet), but does get to interact frequently with older kids…which is good…but not what he needs.  We do not want him to grow up and be socially retarded.  😀

So, Momma found a “Mommy & Me” class for them to take, but there was only one other kid there besides Ace.  So, she dug a little deeper and found a Gymboree class for him to attend.  Tomorrow will be Ace’s third class.

It really is kinda fun…even I enjoy it!  Miss Alissa, the teacher/activity leader is very good with kids.  She sings and dances and is extremely animated which draws the toddlers’ attention away from their shoe-laces (or whatever may have caught their attention).

There are multiple group activities separated by “play time” where the kids can go down the slides, shoot some hoops on a two foot tall basketball rim, climb different obstacles, and interact with each other.

The first visit Ace was very shy (gets that from me) and the second visit he opened up a whole lot.  He actually participated in the group activities, but not so much with the other kids.

However…so far Ace has successfully knocked down a girl, head butted the same girl, and climbed on top of a girl…the same girl (whoa whoa buddy!).  Aren’t little boys mean to the girls they like?  I’m going to have to watch these two… 😀

Overall it is a good time had for all, and I hope that Ace gets something valuable out of it.  Momma has already made a friend with one of the other Moms there and they are planning a play date outside of Gymboree.   Maybe Ace has made his first friend his own age?  We’ll see…  😀