Teeth Scary? Nah!

So, we’ve had Ruby for about a month now.  This has to be the most hyper dog ever born.  Very loving and loyal, but Ruby, feel free to tone it down a bit.  🙂

She thinks that we are all dogs and that we enjoy to be chewed on, jumped on, and tackled.  Fifty pound puppies are a handful!

Ace and Ruby get along OK…when they are in separate rooms.  But if Ace is playing by himself…here comes Ruby.  And if Ruby is lying down chewing her bone….here comes Ace.

No one has gotten hurt.  There have been a few yelps, and a few tears, but for the most part they enjoy each other.

However, it is quite scary to see how they play…


  1. My dog is the sweetest dog in the world, but he’s also a bit crazy. He used to be a fighting dog, and I think he must have gotten some brain damage, which means that even when he’s doing harmless playful stuff with my boy, I get anxious. More hysterical maybe. But as long as you know your dog (and your child), teaching your boy to be comfortable around dogs is a great thing.

  2. BusyDad says:

    YIKES!! But I’m not referring to the picture. I’m talking about how big Ace has gotten since I last been here!! How you been? Good to know we’re both still chugging along 🙂

  3. Wow, you sure have a well mannered pup! Good to see!

  4. Papa K says:

    Holy balls… that’s a little frightening looking

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