Trick Or Treat

I have been out of town for work for almost 2 weeks now and had to miss Trick Or Treat this year.  Really a bummer because I really like to walk Ace around town getting candy and looking at all the cool costumes that people come up with…

Ace kept me in the loop though.  He sent me a picture message showing me what he looked like in his costume, and I wanted to post it here for everyone to see…

Happy halloween!

By the way, I hate this f’ing costume and I don’t want to trick or treat either!

Ace the giraffe

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  1. Dennis P says:

    My daughter would have LOVED Ace’s costume. She LOVES Giraffes! I think he looks awesome. And your right, it’s really cool walking around with the kids Trick-or-Treating. I went with mine to my hometown and got to take them to all of the same houses I went to when I was young. Very cool!