PickTown Lights

Ace is really getting into Christmas this year. He is all about Christmas Lights, Christmas Trees, Santa Claus, … you name it.  😉

So, one night after dinner we decided to drive a few miles away and see the PickTown Lights.

Freaking amazing!  This dude has linked together 23 houses over a wireless link and has created an enormous Christmas light show!!

All 23 houses are synchronized to the same song which is broadcast over the radio waves.  You just dial your car radio in to the specific station and drive through.  Amazing!!!

Ace thoroughly enjoyed himself, but if you can keep it a secret…I think I enjoyed it more.  🙂

I went right home and began planning some kind of Christmas display for our house next year…

I was able to get video of one of the songs in the show.  If you are in central Ohio, I highly recommend going to check this out some night after work with the family…