A Day In The Sun!

Well, things have been nuts around here to say the least!  Work keeps me busy during the day.  The family keeps me busy at night.  On the weekends I have been working on my new photography business.  And DadThing.com has taken a backseat.  🙁

However, I hope to change that…

Today we broke free from the norm and decided to take a ride in the wagon down to the local school to play on the playground!  Good time had by all.  I took a few pics to share.  For those of you that have not seen Ace and Valerie for a while…they have grown up a bit.  🙂

Ace On The Move! The kid only holds still when he is sleeping...

Valerie having fun!

Ace Scoping Out The Playground!

Valerie scaring me to death on the 10 ft high playground equipment! 🙂

Ace still on the move!

Valerie enjoying the green grass in the back yard!


  1. tommy riles says:

    We miss you at Dad Thing! Keep it coming! Glad you had a fun day in the sun.

  2. Jim says:

    I know the feeling. It’s hard to find the time. Nice layout.

  3. Grandma says:

    okay it’s been two months and a few days since your last post,and I know those grandchildren of mine have done something absolutely hillarious that you need to share. so come on Dad get with it

    love ya