Bellavita iPhone Wallet


I was recently offered the opportunity to review the Bellavita iPhone Wallet for men. I was excited!!

I love my iPhone and, like most people, don’t know how to function without it! 🙂

But it seems like with the introduction of cell phones, we need one more pocket. I carry my wallet, my keys, my smokes, change, a pocket knife, and my iPhone in my pants pockets!! My wife tells me I need a purse! LOL!!

So when I heard of this iPhone wallet, I immediately was interested because if it worked out I would not have to carry my wallet any more! 🙂

So, it arrived and I immediately realized it did not have near the storage as my full sized wallet…but that is fine. I carry a lot of unneeded junk in my wallet anyways…everything but money. 🙂

The Bellavita wallet has two credit card pockets, an ID pocket, and a larger pocket to stash a few dollars into.

On the phone side of the wallet it has access holes for the silent switch, volume buttons, speakers, charging port, and camera!

It does a really nice job of protecting your phone and looking stylish, but there are a few things I did not like.

The phone moved around inside it’s holder a bit too much. Sometimes the leather would come over the edge of the screen and would prevent me from using buttons on the very edge of the screen. Also, when it moved a couple times, it partly blocked the camera. Maybe I was doing something wrong…

Another thing I did not care for was having my ID, credit cards, and cash ALWAYS attached to my phone.

When I was on calls I flipped the wallet open and now all if my financial stuff was on the outside of the wallet for everyone to see. I was not real comfortable with that.

Also when I had to put my phone on the charger at a friends house and leave it on their kitchen counter, I was constantly checking it to make sure none of my cash had disappeared.

The iPhone wallet is an awesome idea!! But just not for me. I am too paranoid to have my credit cards and cash attached to my phone. I like my wallet to stay in my pocket and only come out when I need it. Not every time i want to check Facebook…