dad-ace-posingMy name is Jared.  I’ve been a dad for about four years now, and I’m loving every minute of it!  So many firsts and so many lasts.  Like Ace’s first time walking, or his last time riding in a rear facing car seat.

Recently we have made a new addition to the family…our daughter Valerie.

Why DadThing.com?

This blog is a place where I can share my stories and experiences. Ya know, from a Dad’s point of view. Hopefully you will learn from my successes and failures. And, of course, hopefully you will have a few laughs at my expense. 😀

If you would like to get in contact with me, please have a look at the contact page.

Did you know I did photography too?

Hoylman Photography - Columbus, OH

Hoylman Photography is loacted in Columbus, OH and specializes in family pictures, newborn/baby/child pictures, maternity pictures, senior pictures, and engagement pictures!


  1. Caron Goodr says:

    Hi Jared,

    would you do a review of my book, Raising Intuitive Children?


  2. Hi Jared,

    My name is Lisa Campbell and together with my husband’s help we have created and redesigned Kids Eat For. We hope you would do a review about us.

    Here is a little background on how we came to be. In January, 2007, we were out to lunch with our youngest and saw that particular restaurant had a kids eat free night. While we were there the started our mock up on a napkin and that’s how we came to be. Fast forward to today. Less than three weeks ago we completely redesigned the site and also have our Kids Eat For app in the reviewing process with Apple. Our site is nice because we have a national database that is growing every day with the help from all the parents. Our features include: Add A Deal-you can add how the offer works and restaurant information. Search-search by zip code, restaurant name, etc. Browse by state and metro area. Voting-since this is a community based site we rely on people to vote the deal up or down based on the accuracy of the deal. You vote anonymously so no one will know who you are.

    The iPhone/iPod touch application has much of the same features but we were able to expand a little more. When you first go into the the program, you are on the Nearby Screen. That screen tells you what deals are close to you and depending on what symbol that is with it, whether the deal is that day or if there is more than one location. On our Search Screen you can search by restaurant name or location. The Map screen will show you your city and the pins represent where the deal are. Red pins meal they have no deals that day and green means they do. You can tap the pins and it pops up the restaurant information. When you tap the arrow it shows you the complete deal information. From there you can either call the restaurant or you can get directions if you don’t know the area. You can zoom out and see deals any place in the US from the Map Screen. My favorite screen is the add screen. Why is it my favorite? When you add the deal and go to the address screen we have a Use Current Location button which will use the current address you’re at, if you happen to find a deal while you’re out and want to add it.

    We are a start up and really could use your help getting the word out about us. I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your time.

    Thank you,

    Lisa Campbell

  3. miss spelling, you have would you like to wrote a guest post, should be “write”. Good idea for a site, maybe you will be the next dooce?

    Be Happy

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